You Never Know What Your Coworkers Are Going Through

Are you quick to judge you coworker. Do you ever give them them the benefit of the doubt? Well, please realize that your coworkers have a life outside of work and you never know

what your coworkers are going through. If you see your coworkers sad or depressed, have some compassion while minding your own business.

Many years ago, I was driving to work and when I had arrived my mother called me and let me know that my uncle had passed away. I knew that he was sick as he had been in the hospital and the last time I saw him they told me that his cancer had spread to the brain. I’m naturally a pretty stoic emotionless person, so as I heard the words from my mother, I didn’t have a reaction. I was already at work and decided to just go in for the day. A couple hours into my day the news hit me like a ton of bricks emotionally and I sobbed at my desk. I emailed my boss to let him know what happened and left. Upon returning his boss was very rude and disrespectful to me and since that point I haven’t been that comfortable letting my boss or peers know what I’m going through personally. 

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