Year End Reflections

The time has come to close out another year. Is it me or does it feel like this year just flew bye. As we were going through it, it felt like is was crawling along and never going to end, but as we have reached this culmination point, it feels like it all happened in the blink of the eye.

I have an aunt that used to say "time is slow until you become an adult and then it all just flies by. They'll come a day when you'll be begging for it to slow down."

What ya'll think about that saying? Have you all found that to be true or nah?

Anyways, how was this year for you? What went well and what could've gone better for you and your household?

Did you have any milestone moments in your life? Any new babies, marriage, happy divorce, retirement, milestone birthday celebrations?

Any new purchases (i.e. a new car, a new plane, a new home, a remodel)?

How have you all survived the pandemic?

The FGCC community is dying to know my loves. Tell us.

I want to encourage you to share your experiences by joining the FGCC community and you'll be able to share your thoughts in the comments below.

If God has been good to you and you have a testimony on how good He has been then be sure to complete the testimony form linked in the menu above or accessed through the Homepage testimony section. Has God kept you, protected you, provided for you, healed you, restored you, uplifted you, provided peace in the midst of a storm, made a way out of know way, heard your prayers and blessed ya? Share your testimonies.

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If you have transitioned from Corporate America into the entrepreneurial space then be sure to highlight your business on FGCC. You just need to complete the form which can also be accessed through the menu above or the homepage.

Finally if you've experienced Corporate Success share your wins and victories with the FGCC community as well. We want to celebrate you. We want to shower you with love and congratulations. Just comment below or complete the corporate success story form.

Well spend some time and just think about this past year. I know this one has been hard due to COVID 19 or the Coronavirus and all that has come along with that but ya made. You made it through. The fact that you are walking into another year is a blessing.

My loves share your reflections on this past year in the comments below.

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