Why Would A Colleague CreateA Fake Social Media Account In A Coworker’s Name and or Likeness?

It happens. It happened to me. It’s happening to me. While I’m not 100% certain why a colleague created fake social media accounts in my name and likeness from research and observation I’ve been able to glean the following possible reasons:

1. Seeking notoriety
2. Vicarious living
3. Attempt to sabotage
4. Desire to blackball
5. Trying to control the narrative of how others see the person
6. To expose
7. They’re missing a few screws and have several more loose
8. Obsession
9. Admiration
10. Vengeance
11. Misery loves company
12. Hatred
13. Jealousy and envy
14. To set up or frame
15. To change the image or perception of another
16. To prove another is who they’ve imagined them to be or created them to be in their mind
17. To get others to pay attention to them
18. To gain favor with others who don’t like that person
19. It creates a false sense of power
20. To get the person to pay attention to them and to provoke the person to care

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