Why Do People Lurk?

What are the motivations behind lurking coworkers?

  • They want to emulate you (they’re secretly admiring and trying to become more like you)
  • They see that you’re happy and at peace and want to figure out why
  • They’re curious about you
  • You haven’t opened up to them (rightfully or unrightfully so) and they want to know more about you regardless of the boundaries that you’ve set
  • They don’t recognize or respect the boundaries that you’ve establish
  • They’re trying to figure out a way to befriend or befrenemy you
  • They’re bored
  • They’re nosy
  • They’re messy
  • They’re looking for gossip
  • They’re looking for dirt
  • They’re seeking drama
  • They’re overcome with envy
  • They’re trying to validate or invalidate claims about you
  • You’ve rejected their friendship and they can’t understand why or let go
  • It’s their job – Someone (your boss, their boss, or another person) has assigned them the task of “keeping an eye” on you

What are some other reasons that people lurk or motivations behind lurking coworkers?

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