Why Didn’t I Just Marry Well

Have you ever had one of them days at work where you’re just over it?

You’re like done. No done done. You’re not medium well but well done, good and almost overcooked done and over your work life.

You’re so done, it’s to the point where you’re thinking “Why didn’t I just marry well?” I’m threw and done. I’m good and done. Love don’t pay the bills done. Love got me out here putting up with this mess and these crazies done. I should’ve just married rich done. No I should’ve married rich rich done. No I should’ve married wealthy rich, not I’m back in these streets in five to ten years cause this professional athlete down went and blew all our money rich but butler, nannies, maids, drivers, full time gardeners, having to employ house managers to manage the expansive house staff, philanthropic old money good ole boys club wealthy rich. Multiple fund managers and financial advisors rich. Employ hedge fund managers rich. Generational wealth rich. Real rich rich. Should’ve been out here like MM (Meghan Markle) changing family genetics lines rich.

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