Have you ever wondered who is in control?

Who reigns supreme? Have you ever thought – “I’m the man!” “I’m the woman!” I got this. I’m the boss. I’m in control. Or have you conversely ever thought “I’m powerless.” “I have no control or say in this matter.”

Well, while we all have free will lets remember who is the source and substance of everything in this life including our career. Let’s remember the one who established the heavens and the Earth. The one who is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. The appointer. The designer and creator of all things and people that are. All thinks include the firm that you work at. All people includes you and those you work with and for.┬áThere is ultimately only one who reigns supreme. He has designed purpose in all things and all place. That one is the one and only true God.

Remember to trust Him at all times and let Him lead your way. He loves you so very much loves. Just know that He is for you today and forever more.

I love you all and am praying for you. Smile my loves.

Note the following Bible verses: Pro 19:21, Prov 16:4,9, Jer 29:11, Psa 115:3, Psa 118:6-7, Psa 135:6, Gen 1:1, John 19:11, Rev 1:8, Rom 13:1-2

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