Disclaimer – This article and the opinions and statements expressed within is in no way affiliated with anyone associated with the Netflix film How They See Us

Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana Jr, Yusef Salaam and Korey Wise,  collectively referred to as the Central Park Five, I’m sorry about what happened to you. I’m sorry for the years that we’re stolen, and the hurtful experiences that you endured. I’m sorry for the unjust persecutions that you had to go through. I’m sorry for the public shaming and humiliation that you faced for things that you never did. I’m sorry that the same system that was created to protect and serve you, failed you. My loves, please know and believe that it was not all in vain. What you went through was not all in vain.

We support you, we love you, we honor you, we respect you, we have learned from you and this world, particularly the judicial system in this country, will be changed for the better because of you.

The following is a list of lessons learned from your experiences and those of your loved ones as told in the Netflix Miniseries Documentary ‘How The See Us’

Judicial System: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– The American judicial system is flawed
– We need judicial system reform in the U.S.
– We need to incorporate criminal justice topics into the required curriculum of every primary school education in the United States
– Just like the school teaches sex education, the school needs to teach our child criminal justice system education topics
– We need a criminal justice course or module as part of the standard curriculum at the 7th, 8th or 9th grade level in every city in the U.S.A.
– They will change the evidence to support their hypothesis instead of changing the theory when the existing evidence disproves their hypothesis. Simply unscientific
– The legal system is biased
– The American justice system ain’t built to protect the Black man or the Black woman nor any other person of color (POC)
– It’s not okay to silently sit by and watch injustices occur
– Reed technique has been universally rejected
– Our American society needs to forgive those who have paid their debt to society
– There are people serving life sentences for crimes that they didn’t commit
– Everything you say and do will be used against you. Don’t believe anything to the contrary
– Promises for cooperation from law enforcement and attorneys are illegal
– They will make you admit to a lie in order to release you
– Don’t admit to something that you didn’t do
– Read what you sign before you sign it
– Read the law for yourself
– Black Lives Matter (#BLM)
– Where no evidence exists they’ll manipulate the truth, massage half truths, coerce a truth, create a truth to save themselves and to get the story they want told
– Stand in your truth no matter how much they call you a liar



Prison System: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– If a criminal judge or district attorney has a 99.9% conviction rate, they need to be put off the bench and investigated
– There needs to be a better checks and balances system put in place for every public or private prison open in the United States of America
– Prison reforms needs to happen ASAP
– The prison system is biased
– The prisons might be the second most segregated institution in the world. Comment below if you know what the first is
– The guards in the prison system do some foul stuff
– Prison and jail ain’t no joke



Police Reform: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Just as much reform is needed in the police precinct offices as is needed on the streets or out in the fields
– Corrupt cops have always existed
– Cover ups and coercions occur
– We all have innate biases. That said reform and changes to combat our innate biases need to occur



People: Lessons Learned from How The See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– People are stupid
– People will believe whatever is presented to them regardless of the factual basis
– People will take the facts and apply them out of context, outside of the time that they occurred or happened, place and manipulate them into proof for something that has nothing to with nothing
– People will carry their lies that they have told about you till their death beds
– People will manipulate you into taking the fall for things that you didn’t do
– People will ignore the truth when it’s safer and easier to accept a lie
– People will justify their hateful, vengeful actions
– People will convince themselves that they’re doing good when they are not
– People will lie on you and continue to lie on you to cover up the original lie they told you
– People will create stories about you to save themselves
– People who have lied on you, gossiped about you, slandered you, or otherwise attempted to cause you hurt and harm will be brought to justice in the end
– People will accuse you of lying, be provided irrefutable evidence that you are telling the truth and keep on lying about you
– People will paint you as everything but a child of God to protect themselves
– People will blame you when they don’t get the same results that you’re getting
– People will get mad at you, cause you’re trying and they’re not
– People will get mad at you, because you’re moving forward without them
– People seek to destroy who or what they don’t understand #Facts
– Don’t fret when people succeed in their evil ways says the Lord
– Black Lives Matter (#BLM)
– People will beat you when you are already down. They want you to feel as bad as they feel.
– Some people will never overcome their past transgressions
– People will seek to profit off of the misery of others
– People will think they’re protecting you when in fact they’re hurting you
– People hate who or what they don’t understand #Facts
– People are attention thirsty. Let them thirst
– Never underestimate a person’s motives, nobody is just out there doing favors for nobody else
– People will silently watch the innocent be wrongly convicted and punished
– People will judge you, ignore them. The only one who can judge you is the Lord
– Be careful, people will manipulate you into confessing things that didn’t occur. Always watch your words when you interacting with people who don’t have your best interest at heart
– The devil occupies and runs in all circles including your blood line. It is what it is. Let people be who people are going to be. Love them and keep it moving
– People renege on their promises. It’s what people do
– People grow apart over time
– People will see things in you that you don’t see in yourself. Take the good and ignore the bad
– There are more people who are for you than you think
– People who truly love you aren’t going to bring you a bunch of nonsense to add to your stress and worry. That being said they should protect you in the face of evil, hatred, lies, slander, and other nonsense



Hatred: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Hate is felt without a word being uttered
– You are not the fault or the source for the hatred that others expend against you
– Don’t let the hatred of others permeate or infect you
– Bless your haters, pray for those who hate you



Interpersonal Relations: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Every man is out for himself
– The statement that “Nobody can make you lie” is a lie
– Don’t let people sell you or promise you a dream that they have no power to fulfill
– Tragedy can bring people together in ways that normal times never could or would
– It’s never too late to say “I’m Sorry”
– You may never hear someone who has wronged you say “I’m Sorry.” Forgive them anyway
– It’s okay to ask for help when you need it as no one can truly make it in this world all alone
– Be careful of the company that you keep



They: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– They will manipulate the truth, exaggerate half truths, create their own version of a truth and outright lie on you
– They break the laws and think nothing of it
– They will illegally record you
– They will record you and manipulate the recording of what you have said to tell the story that they want told
– They will always threaten and attack our livelihoods. It’s what they do
– They will see the red flags, speak to the red flags, confirm that the red flags don’t support their hypothesis, choose to ignore the red flags and cause injustices to occur based on what is a red flag
– They will lie, exaggerate, manipulate and completely falsify with no remorse
– They will make up lies of this person said this and that person said that, all while ain’t nobody said nothing in the way or form that they are portraying it to have happened. Don’t fall for the bait
– They will have no problem getting in your face, hovering over you, belittling you, disrespecting you, lying on you, laughing at you, harassing you, bullying you, or acting an outright disgusting fool
– They will take your picture and video tape you without your knowledge or consent just immoral and disgusting
– They will scream “I’m not going to hurt you” while egregiously violating and hurting you
– They are always plotting and scheming something
– They can say “it” with no proof and claim “it” to be true
– They rely on us not fighting back
– They rely on us not having the means to defend ourselves
– They rely on us being voiceless
– They will lie to you about the law, read the law for yourself. Educate yourself
– They will misinterpret the law for you, read the law for yourself. Educate yourself
– They are disrespectful, extremely, extremely disgustingly disrespectful
– They will show up at your house, go through your stuff, take your stuff, harass your, stalk you, slander you, spread rumors about you all while leaving out the fact that they did all these horrible illegal things to you
– They are eager to lock us up
– They are eager to put us in jail
– They are eager to keep us in our “place”
– Those who resent you for whatever reasons will always make themselves evident or clearly known to you, they enjoy letting you know that they resent you
– When 1 + 1 ≠ 2, they’ll make X + Y = 2. The formula and rules are ever changing
– They want to see us fail
– They will paint you as crazy before they admit to the stalking, hacking, lying, harassing that they have done and the manipulation of all the surveillance that they have gathered
– They will paint you as not having any common sense before they admit to the wrong that they have done and the illegal tactics that they have pursued
– They will paint you as the enemy when my loves the enemies are them. Stay, I mean stay on your knees and remain prayed up as the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy you
– They are evil people



The World: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– The world is cruel
– The world is inherently evil
– The world is the devil’s playground
– The world is not our home. There is a place in eternity where there is no more suffering and no mare pain
– The world hated Jesus first
– Even if the world hates you, know that there is a good God, who sent us only begotten son so that you can be free and He loves you indefinitely
– The whole world is under the control of the evil one
– The world is not your friend
– In this world, and not just in the US of A, there is always a race factor. There just is. It’s not always a bad thing but it is always present
– There are a lot of bad people in this world



Self Care: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– You have to stay mentally strong. The best way to stay mentally strong is to keep you mind on the Lord. Read the word. Study the word. Remember the word. Apply the word. Lean on the word. Focus on the word. Teach the word. Spread the word. Embrace the word. Learn, love, live in the word.
– We must guard our hearts and minds
– Don’t give up, give it to God and allow him to order your steps and protect your path
– Hold on. When you feel like giving up, just hold on
– Find something to look forward to
– Stay focused on your happiness
– Renew your mind in the word each and every day
– You can do whatever you set your mind to
– Don’t let people bait you into fights and arguments
– If someone ain’t for, let ’em go
– If someone is always talking crazy to you, let ’em go
– It’s not that one can’t care about others but it’s important to focus on solving one’s own problems first
– Wait them out
– It’s important to stay physically fit
– It’s okay to ask for help
– You are more than a conqueror
– Sometimes you just gotta fight back, stay in God’s will and discern his path for your life
– They can’t break you my love, they didn’t make you
– Always remember God is for you!!! Everyday let the first words be “Thank you Jesus for another day. I know my God is for me.”



Human Nature: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Everyone is just doing the best they know how to do
– Everybody ain’t built the same. Some things that I can endure will crush the next man
– Opportunity to make a name for oneself, opportunity to gain attention or notierity, opportunity to earn respect, opportunity to enter certain social and political circles, opportunity for publicity, opportunity to make more money, opportunity to keep one’s status, opportunity to gain influence, opportunity for many other things can all drive and motivate a person
– Smart people make stupid decisions sometimes
– Opportunist lie at ever corner. That guard know he was no good talking about “what you going to do for me”
– People will try and throw your past in your face. Ignore them. You already moved on. God already forgave you. Ignore them.
– Mental health is fragile
– It’s okay for a man to cry
– It’s okay for a boy to cry
– Everyone deserves someone to treat them like a human being
– Black Lives Matter (#BLM)
– Racially motivated rushes to judgement occur
– Age and mental age are often not one in the same
– There is always that one person such as Linda who is out for the blood of others
– Haters run in packs
– Curiosity killed the cat
– People may hate you even when you have not done anything wrong. Realize they don’t know no better and ask the Lord to bless them anyway
– People may hate you, but God loves you
– Just because people aren’t vocal to you about your situation doesn’t mean they don’t see the injustices that are occurring. Often times, they’re afraid that if they say something, they’ll end up in the same predicament as you. They silence is a way to ensure their own safety
– You don’t have to vindicate yourself to people you don’t know. People who do know you need know vindicating
– You are stronger than you think
– You will survive even the worst of times
– Shame, self condemnation, and guilt will leave us feeling condemned and not wanted to press forward in this life. My loves, hear me clearly, don’t let your feelings overtake you. Pray to God for healing. God doesn’t want us to live condemned he doesn’t, so don’t. He loves you my loves. You are loved.



Enemies: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Don’t think you don’t have enemies
– Don’t underestimate the strength of your enemies
– Don’t underestimate the influence held by your enemies
– Don’t underestimate the power of your enemies
– Don’t give your enemies the benefit of the doubt for anything. They will do or say anything to take you out
– Don’t ever tell yourself “He wouldn’t to that” or “She wouldn’t do or say that.” You don’t know what your enemies will say or do. They will go to the depths of hell to protect themselves and to destroy you
– People you don’t know from a hole in the wall will jump on your enemies “bandwagon” to gain some sense of importance or relevance
– It ain’t always your known enemies setting you up or selling you out. Sometimes its your “friends” and family doing you dirty
– Satan don’t play fair
– Satan is strategic
– The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy you
– We all have an enemy that prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour
– Your own can be a bigger enemy to you than the man
– God will cause your enemies to make peace with you
– What you’re enemies meant for your harm will work together for your good and God’s glory in the end. Just stay in faith

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Crabs In The Barrel: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Crabs live in barrels outside of Maryland and Maine
– Your own will set you up each and every time
– Often times the man is less of a concern to your downfall that your own
– Sometimes the crabs are blood related
– Sometimes the crabs live in your own household
– Sometimes your own people will be your worst enemy



Family: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– When you cry, I cry, When you sad, I’m sad, When you hurt, I’m hurt, When you in pain, I’m in pain. My loves God, has given us others to experience this life with. Please know that you are never as alone as you feel. There is a world of believers going through the motions with you and experiencing the same emotions as you
– It’s okay to call out for you Mama. A mother’s love never dies
– Everyone needs to have a safe place to go to
– It’s important to create a safe place for everyone in your family
– Stick with family
– There is nothing like a father’s love
– There is nothing like a mother’s love
– There is nothing like a praying grandmother
– Being a single parent is hard. The struggle is real
– No matter how much we try and protect our babies, the man can steal snatch them away from us
– Know your children
– Don’t ever, I mean ever, I mean never ever, let anyone turn you against your children
– Sometimes our parents just don’t know how to be the parents we need them to be. Forgive them, they’re human and as humans we are all prone to mistakes. Love your parents in spirit of their deeds
– Sometimes parents just don’t know any better and will ignorantly lead us astray. It’s not their intentions, it’s not in their heart, it’s they lack of knowledge of how to better guide us that will lead us astray. Forgive them and love them anyway
– Family can say some of the most hurtful, gut wrenching, outright trifling things. We gotta set boundaries yet love and forgive them anyway
– The way Niecy Nash talked to Norman is real. Sometimes family just don’t get it. Sometimes they just don’t get us. Sometimes ya gotta love them from a distance
– Blended family struggles are real. It’s hard being caught between a child and a spouse. When it’s a literal child, choose your child.



Christian Faith: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
– Always pray
– Prayer works
– God will answer prayers in His way, on His time
– You’re who God calls you, not what this old cold world says about you
– You have a whole world of believers praying for you and standing with you in the face of persecution
– We may never understand why something had to be as it was on this side of glory
– God will sustain you through the most difficult of times
– Know who you are and what you have in God
– Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you wont have any problems. Persecutions come the hardest to the strongest believers and defenders of the faith
– God only allows his strongest soldiers to be on the front lines of this Earthly battlefield
– People will go to extremes to crucify the innocent. Remember and take comfort in the fact that they did it to Jesus first
– You have to forgive those who have wronged you
– Satan and his network of demons are strategically plotting to take the believer out
– God will vindicate you better than you can vindicate yourself
– We don’t have to vindicate ourselves
– A false witness will not go unpunished
– Don’t fret when people succeed in their evil ways says the Lord
– Focus on the lambs book of life
– God will restore to you everything that the enemy has stolen from you
– God doesn’t want you to do this thing called life all alone
– Guilt will eat a person alive. My loves repent for your sins, ask God for forgiveness, know that He loves you, release the pain and the shame and move on
– Jesus loves me
– We must put on the full Armor of God each and every day
– Know that God will always bless you with a support system. He will always place someone in your life to look out for you, support you and help you endure this thing called life
– There is nothing like the love of Jesus
– There is nothing like the hand of God
– There is nothing like the comfort of God
– When you give your life to God, you will be set free
– It’s never too late to give your life to God. Just say “Lord Jesus, I need you. Forgive me for my sins. Help me to be free. Allow me to get to know you for myself.”
– Love your enemies
– Love those who curse you
– Pray for those who persecute you



Stalkers: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Stalkers aren’t just in the movies. The exist in real life



Real Life: Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Always be aware of your surroundings
– Women, don’t run alone at night no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is
– Don’t run with music so loud that you can’t hear what is going on around you
– It’s easy to get caught up
– You never know what you would do in a situation so quit it and be quiet with all the judgement
– Don’t follow the pack
– Never trust nobody
– Don’t let them dangle your freedom in front of you as a barter to get you to lie
– Don’t sign anything
– The line is very vague and constantly moving
– Unjust persecutions occur. This life ain’t fair. This world ain’t fair
– Secret alliances are formed in all segments of the society in which we live
– Don’t be surprised who’s connected to who nor who is plotting what with who. The devil and his network of demons are everywhere
– Fair and fight are two words that have an inverse and not a parallel relationship with one another
– It’s not about fairness, it’s about politics
– Politics is about survival
– Selfish motives can lead to selfish actions
– You can’t win a game when you don’t know how to play. Learn the rules, my loves
– Life is a game of Chess not Checkers. Be strategic in all you say and do
– The news and social media will have you hating the victims and loving the assailants, be careful about what you read
– Innocent until proven guilty does’t apply to the court of public opinion
– The truth will always come out in the end
– We all have to pay for our sins
– Black Lives Matter (#BLM)
– Some times those that we look for to help us, simply can’t. They just don’t have the resources whether financial, mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual to help us. They just aren’t able to give us what we need
– People will use you to make a name for themselves
– Don’t live in coulda, shoulda, woulda
– Time waits for no man
– It’s okay to be done and to move on and to never look back
– Things can always be worst
– Nothing lasts forever. Just hang in there and keep the faith. Keep moving forward and God will set you free



Corporate America (Work Life): Lessons Learned from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– There are secret alliances formed all over the place
– It’s a small world, everyone knows everyone else
– People will watch injustices occur without saying much of anything
– People lie on other people at work all the time
– Those in positions of power who should protect you are the main ones destroying you
– Those in positions of power who should protect you are the main ones hurting you
– People will enlist you to cover up their nonsense or take the fall for their problems
– Manipulators are in positions of power throughout the Corporate World
– Be a learner of people, watch them and learn their ways
– Simple manipulation tactics include the manipulator shaking their head as they talk to you to get you to say “Yes” or “No”; manipulators repeatedly saying “say Yes I agree” when you have said that you don’t; manipulators saying “you remember right” or “you must’ve forgotten” or “you’re so forgetful” or “you should get your memory checked” or “you have a horrible memory” when they know good and darn well what they’re saying never occurred
– Corporate manipulators rarely act with hurricane like force. They slowly plant seeds of doubt, hatred, confusion, chaos, dissension, discord, slander and gossip, over time. They slowly incorporate others to do their dirty work. They slowly light matches and pour a bit more fuel to flame their fires day by day
– Corruption is not limed to police forces; Corruption resides in corporations throughout America
– The one with the most “power” rarely has the most power
– Puppet strings are constantly being pulled throughout Corporate America
– It’s not okay to silently sit by and watch injustices occur at work
– Don’t be afraid of being blackballed for standing up for what is right. God will protect you and make you whole
– Every corporation or workplace has its own set of rules
– Every corporation or workplace has its own corporate or organizational culture
– Working in Corporate America is like playing the game of survivor, choose your strategy and alliances carefully
– Black Lives Matter (#BLM)
– You are not abnormal if you don’t fit in where you work
– If you work in an unhappy place, focus on work at work and make your life outside work as fruitful and happy as can be
– People see the injustices that are occurring against you. They’re just not willing to stick their neck out for you or are afraid that they’ll endure repercussions from trying to protect or save you
– Just like there is a ‘Karen’ in every corporation, there is a ‘Linda’ aka Felicity Huffman’s character in every company
– People will say and do anything to keep their jobs or to be liked by others at work. They’ll lie on you if it helps them
– Know that if you speak the truth which in any way impacts their reputation, their livelihood, their status, their survival, they will come after you with everything in their arsenal and attempt to destroy you and take you out. Truth telling ain’t for the weak
– It’s okay to be done and to move on and to never look back



Favorite Quotes: Truths Spoken from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– “When they want what they want, they will do anything. They will lie on us, they will lock us up, they will kill us.”
– “It’s not about justice. It’s about politics and politics is about survival and there is nothing fair about survival.”
– “The eye sees but it cannot see itself.”
– “Why are you lying on me? Why they lying on me?” If you ain’t never said that my loves, I pray that you never will but for many of us, we’ve cried these exact words at some point and time in our life
– “There are racial undertones that even the blind lady justice can see”
– “Loyal to the soil” – #ProudGhettoRoots



Celebrity Corporate Truths: Just Facts from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– Jharrel Jerome who played Korey Wise in How They See Us is one hellava actor. Bravo my dear. Bravo. Standing ovation at home watching you. Amazing actor.
– John Leguizamo acted his tail off in this one and has only gotten more handsome with time. Sexy papi. Something about him was like okay John, I see you
– That actor Freddy Miyares who played that grown Raymond Santana Jr. is one sexy shut you mouth. That’s one good looking man
– Felicity Huffman played the heck out of Linda. Ms. Huffman was so good I didn’t even realize it was her until the credits started to roll
– Blair Underwood is one good looking man who somehow gets better looking with age. He played the heck out of Robert Burns
– Niecy Nash is one heck of an actress. Just versatile. Go head Niecy
– Netflix is a source in the entertainment industry to be reckoned with. Netflix still needs to better control its pricing and offering structures though



How The See Us: Corporate Truths from How They See Us Netflix Miniseries Documentary

– They see us as not human
– They see us as animals
– They see us as undeserving
– They see us as inhumane
– They see us as their punching bags
– They see us as having no right to privacy
– They see us as their property
– They see us as able to take a licking and keep on ticking
– They see us as able to take the fall
– They see us as easy bait
– They see us as uneducated
– They see us as liars
– They see us as less than
– They see us as adults when we are children
– They see us as not worth living
– They see us as not worth losing sleep over
– They see us as too strong
– They see us as tenacious
– They see us as overly sexual
– They see us as easily missed
– They see us as as their enemy
– They see us as a threat
– They see us as those from the ghetto
– They see us as those coming from the bad areas of town
– They see us as those who need to stay over there
– They see us as invading their neighborhoods
– They see us as invading their schools
– They see us as invading their workplaces
– They see us as taking their jobs
– They see us as vicious
– They see us as assailants
– They see us as those who take no pride in ourselves
– They see us as criminals
– They see us as belonging in jail
– They see us as little shits
– They see us as dispensable
– They see us as the cause of their pain
– They see us as the cause of all of society’s problems or woes
– They see us as crazy
– They see us as not God’s children
– They see us as poor
– They see us as ruthless
– They see us as not smart
– They see us as stupid
– They see us as ignorant
– They see us as voiceless
– They see us as indifferent
– They see us as unimportant
– They see us as easily dismissed
– They see us as throw awayable
– They see us as easily discard-able
– They see us as unimportant to our family
– They see us as unimportant to our community
– They see us as the aggressors
– They see us as robbers
– They see us as ruthless
– They see us as carrying guns and wielding knives
– They see us as wolf packs
– They see us as crazy
– They see us as violent
– They see us as not lovable
– They see us as not likable
– They see us as killable
– They see us as thieves
– They see us as idiots
– They see us as capable of enduring relentless harassment
– They see us as capable of taking disrespect
– They see us as rapists
– They see us as thugs
– They see us as a joke
– They see us as yesterday’s news and today’s top story
– They see us as belonging in jail
– They see us as belonging in prison
– They see us as dispensable
– They see us as a result of affirmative action
– They see us as not worthy of a fair trial
– They see us as unimportant to the world
– They see us as the ones they secretly admire
– They see us as the ones they secretly long for
– They see us as the ones they wish they could be just a bit more like

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