Are You Fully Drained Yet?

Have you ever felt like you've done all that you can do, all that you know how to do, all that you been able to do and none of it has been good enough?

You don't know where else to turn?

You don't know where else to look?

You don't know who else to call or what else to say or do?

Ya tired? Ya drained? Ya stuck? Ya out of resources? You feel out of luck?

Simply stated you are mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially drained?

You just don't have no more to give to anyone or to anything? You are empty? I mean really really scrapping the bottom of the barrel empty?

Yah well down ran all the way dry?

My loves, I want you to know that God ain't done with you yet. He loves you. No, I mean he really really loves you.

God will restore you. He is an endless source for everything that you need. He will restore you, build you back up and make you so much better than what you had before.

His Word says to come to Him all who are weary and burdened. His word says that He makes the weak strong. His word says that He is a Provider, a Protector, a Way Maker. His word says to just ask and pray. His word says that the He is a good good God to those who trust and believe.

My loves, I've been where you are now. I've been there more than a few times in this life and when I humbled myself and called on the name of Jesus, when I fasted and got on my knees and prayed, when I gave it all to Jesus and asked him for deliverance, things turned around for me.

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I've been gracefully broken only to be restored and thwarted ahead on more than one occasion in this life.

My loves, let me encourage you. Let me speak life into you.

Better is coming. Healing is coming. Restoration is coming. Breakthroughs are coming. Blessings are coming. What you've been praying and believe for will come to pass.

Get some expectancy in your heart. Get some expectancy in your mind. Get some expectancy in your spirit.

I want you to watch this video clip from Bishop T.D. Jakes entitled "Are You Empty Enough?"

Once you've watch it to the end, find you a quiet place, a safe place, a place where you can go and pray and cry out to God and tell Him all that is on your heart and mind.

Then just believe and patiently wait for your prayers to be answered. He is a good God and he cares for you. He will hear you, forgive you, restore you, and show you the way.

My loves. I love you and be well.

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