What is faithfulness? Random Thoughts

Stand firm, unmovable, unshakable,
unbreakable. Look not to the right
nor to the left, but straight.
Walk straight on Your narrow path.
Don’t covet, don’t compare.
Heed him.
Wisdom, discernment, grace come to you
when you abide in Him.
Believe in your heart and mind.
Do, Know, Believe without visual sight
But through foresight.
Walk by faith and not by sight.
Stay committed, Stay submitted.
Take up the shield of Faith.
Be worthy of respect, not a malicious talker,
but temperate and trustworthy in everything (1 Tim 3.)
Had the Lord not been on our side?
Thank the Lord for being on our side
Our help cometh from the Lord.
Faithfulness is an outward expression of
inner Faith.
Reliable, Consistent, Trustworthy,
True to your word.
‘aman as in secure or firm.
Steadfast, resolute, independent thinker,
Committed to the calling and purpose on your life.
Mind made up – unwavered by opinions or critiques
“Great ability with no humility is a stumbling block” – JM
Don’t stumble
Devoted to God’s will in spite of trials and tribulations
Focused not looking to the right nor the left
Don’t give up
Be faithful
Have faithfulness

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