Working With A Negater

Have you ever work with a negater? A negater’s sole mission

at work is to prove you wrong and to invalidate everything you say or do. You say its cold. While you just saw this person shivering 30 seconds ago once you say its cold they come up with a thousand and one reasons why its not cold but hot. You say its cloudy, they say no I see the sun. You say the sky is blue, they say its baby blue or turquoise. Get the picture?

Whatever you say, they will declare the opposite. You say its X, they will illogical attempt to prove based on all type of fallacies that is indeed, “–X.”

Once you realize that you are dealing with a negater, please my loves, stay in peace. No need to go back and forth with a negater. Pay the negater no mind, disengage from even talking or interacting with the negater and keep it moving.

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