What Does It Mean When An Interviewer Says “We’ll Be In Touch” So you went on an interview. It felt like it went great. You had good answers for all the questions and felt like you built rapport with the interviewer. You think you can be happy working there and believe you would fit in with the team. So why haven’t you heard back from the company with an offer when they said “We’ll be in touch.”

“We’ll be in touch” is an exit greeting. It’s Hollywood talk. It’s equivalent to saying “take care” or “see you later.” It meaningless without a specific time frame attached.

If it we’re “We’ll be in touch by the end of next week” then you may have something to go off of. If it were “We’ll be in touch and if you don’t hear from us within two weeks then follow up with HR or the recruiter that introduced us for feedback” then you might have something to hold on to. But if it doesn’t include an invitation for follow up it also means nothing. Don’t hold on to “Well be in touch.”

If you really want the job and enough time has passed then follow up and ask for a status update. But more importantly keep applying for others jobs until one starts to enthusiastically hunt you down with an offer. Remember, you don’t have a job until you have a job. If you have any other job search question leave them in the comments below my love.

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