So what does it mean to have self control in the workplace? Let ‘s explore

  • Self Control is a physical and emotional mastery particularly in situations of intense provocation and temptation
  • Self Control is an essential aspect of a Christian’s character
  • Self Control is a fruit of the spirit and innate to those who have been born again
  • Self Control is having the ability to control oneself
  • Self control is not being led or controlled by earthly or fleshy desires
  • Self Control is demonstrated through being unbothered, not easily angered and unprovokable
  • Self Control encompasses no longer being a slave to sin
  • Self control does not mean that one is blind, deaf, unaware, incapable of feeling, or unable of being hurt. However one is not controlled or forced into action based on what he or she hears or sees
  • Self control does not mean one is unable to create boundaries
  • Self control does not mean one has to endlessly and unmercifully endure disrespect, abuse, harassments, bullying or other forms of emotional, mental, spiritual or physical abuse

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