What Behavior or Character Attributes Does “Karen” Possess in Corporate America? Typically, within Corporate America you can find “Karen” being sneaky, lying, acting malicious, making false accusations, filling unwarranted and unjust claims including those based on half truths and gross exaggerations, slandering others, targeting others, whispering in management and HR ear, creating dissension and being a source of discord, harming others reputation, straight blackballing, always keeping someone else’s name in her mouth, exuding ill will, being a reckless slimy snake, exhibiting destructive tendencies, abusing power and abusing her white privilege, being racist or committing other discriminatory acts, being foul, vile, demanding, cruel, evil, obnoxious, hateful, entitled and rude, being mean or mean spirited, acting out as a bully, behaving childishly, just so immature, petty, pathetic, forever causing a scene, just extremely aggressive or at time just passive aggressive, harboring unwarranted psychotic levels of hurt, anger and resentment, slightly two faced, hostile, shady, conniving and whether silently or with a bang, either way confrontational

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