What are some tips for successfully adhering to a diet at work?

15 Tips For Staying On the Diet Wagon While At Work In Corporate America


  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Exercise at lunch then eat your lunch to refuel 
  3. Meal prep to control your portion sizes and what you eat
  4. Get an accountability partner through a trusted coworker
  5. Join a support group that you can attend during lunch
  6. Keep healthy snacks available
  7. Avoid happy hours and office parties which may have high calory drinks and desserts
  8. If you have to attend an office party break a snack to avoid diving into that 7 layer dip or sugary birthday cake
  9. Journal all of your meals
  10. Don’t skip meals
  11. Don’t let your job stress you out which may resort in unhealthy eating
  12. Reward yourself for small and big sucess. Each week, each day, each hour, give yourself a pat on the back
  13. Don’t let a setback completely derail you. If you fall off the wagon, in the next breath forgive yourself and get back on
  14. Advise your friends and family of your plans so that they will know and will avoid pressuring you to eat unhealthily
  15. Keep healthy books and magazines available for inspiration

Bonus Tip: Make lunch your biggest meal of the day. 

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