Tips For Being Patient At Work

What Does It Mean To Be Patient At Work?

Being patient is more than waiting for your turn at the micowave line in the breakroom, or waiting for your chance to speak to someone, or waiting on your well deserved promotion or for some other opportunity to shine.

Being patient is gracefully enduring trials and not succombing to office life tribulations, it’s being slow to be speak and slower to anger, it’s being quick to be still and wait on the Lord’s wisdom and direction, it’s making allowances for others faults and being willing to forgive others for their wrongs, its embracing self restraint in reaction to undeserved and highly unjust offenses and provocations, its refusing to be vengeful or retalitory and extract full punishment to offenders, its offering clemency even to those who aren’t sorry for their actions, it’s rebuking a short tempered nature, it’s releasing animosity and acting in love, its tolerance, its endurance, its long suffering and its forbearance.

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