I recently discovered a new YouTuber. He has a video entitled "My rich friends tell how they made half a billion dollars."

I wanted to share this with you guys who may be thinking about going into business for yourself someday and for the entrepreneurs throughout the FGCC community who want to take their business portfolios to another level.



Here are my notes:

I. How They Made It Big

1. Computers (Buying, Selling, Building, Designing, IT Consulting)
2. Commercial Real Estate
3. Mobile Detailing (Carwash)
4. Non Commercial Real Estate (Buy and Hold Strategy)
5. Digital Publishing
6. Design Engineering
7. Bitcoin Investing
8. Professional Services Company
9. Franchise Ownership and Development
10. Business Supply Company



II. Their Secrets to Success

1. Combine skill, passion and luck
2. Brand yourself
3. Always make yourself relevant
4. Be loud. Let everyone know what you are doing
5. Persevere
6. Have commitment, dedication and consistency to craft

Here's the video

Go check out the channel on YouTube. Its called TJMillionaireMentor. TJMillionaireMentor is smart. He appears to be smooth, motivational, encouraging, inspiring, personable, good looking and charismatic. He seems to make it cool to see other people of color winning. He definitely ain't no crab in the barrel. He's rich and doesn't mind sharing his secrets to success.

So go check him out comment below what you think

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