The Liar – I Work With Pinochio The Story Teller

Remember growing up when someone would tell a lie you would say

“Uh, He telling stories.” You would say this to any adult nearby. Whether is was teacher a school, a parent at home, or a neighbor on your block. What you didn’t realize during all that time you spent snitching on little Johny and Jane for telling stories, was adults lie too and not just the little white kind.

As a gainfully employed grown up, you encounter adult liars in many areas of your life including the workplace. Ever encounter a habitual liar at work? Someone who just says the most outlandish, contradictory things all the time. When you see them you can’t help but think “why you always lying?” You wonder, why you need to lie about such dumb stuff? When you see the person, you see their face with a Pinocchio nose. You shake your head and say man this guy, this gal is this biggest story teller that I have ever met. Just a big ol’ liar. How should your respond to Pinocchio the story telling liar at work? What should you do when Pinocchio is your coworker?

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