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What is your testimony? What is your story? Working in Corporate America isn't easy. We all have things to overcome. We all go through trials and tribulations. We all go through good times and bad. We all have been blessed. We all have a story.  Don't bottle yours up. Help others. We overcome by the words of our testimony. Has God been good to you? Has He helped you in your career? Testify my loves. Submit your testimony using the form below.

Be sure to be full, complete, honest and transparent in completing the testimonial form.

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Remember God loves you and regardless of what you are experiencing in live he will bring you through.


*There is no compensation of any kind for those who submit their testimony to FGCC. Not every submission will be featured on FGCC.

Please share your testimony. What happened and when? Please respect the privacy of those people and any companies involved and remain their anonymity.