Temptress Working Hard To Get That Corporate Man – Handling A Temptress In The Workplace

So sexy
Effortlessly Charming
Charismatically captivating
Absolutely glaring
Ruthlessly daring
Just gorgeous
Seductive beyond belief
Only caring, about herself
It’s all about me, is her motto
Freshly manicured claws out
In that skin tight,
knee length, freak him dress
High heels on
So fit and in shape
A brickhouse, Coca Cola Bottle Shaped
36 x 24 x 36
Make up flawless
Not a hair out of place
Other women envy her
Other women consider her a disgrace
As you can always find her
Up in some man face
Shamelessly holding him in a warm embrace
Capturing him is her goal,
Taking him in marriage is her prize in this race
She’s a temptress

Ever work with one, consider yourself one, used to behave like one? Comment below.

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