If your looking for some tips for success for productively working from home with children during the Coronavirus Pandemic then note the following:

– Have a designated work area and a designated study area
– Have a quiet place where you can take calls
– Create and stick to a work and school schedule for yourself and your kids respectively; be willing to make adjustments if and when necessary
– Communicate with your employer about alternate work schedule requirements
– Maximize the work you get done during your small children naptimes
– Allow kids to entertain themselves
– Reward your kids for good behavior
– Explain to your kids why you all need to be home and answer any questions that they may have, set clear expectations early on
– Set boundaries with your spouse and kids
– Take needed breaks throughout the day and allow your kids to do the same
– Each lunch together
– Meal prep for the week the Sunday before
– Set parental controls on your kids devices
– Use educational TV shows and computer games for small kids
– Allow older children to help look after, take care of, teach or tutor their younger siblings

– Spread your time fairly amongst all your kids
– Share responsibility with spouse or other adults living in the home
– if necessary save some work for the evening or night time once your kids have wound down for the day
– Start your day with devotionals, meditation, prayer and the reading of the word of God
-Ask God for help, healing, peace and joy
– Have patience
– Always respond in love
– Admit when you need help for the kids including an online teacher or tutor
– Reference and read the following scriptures: Pro 3:5-6, Pro 22:6, Psa 32:8, Jas 1:5, Gal 5:22-23, 1 Cor 12:28, 1 John 2:27, Luk 1:37, 2 Tim 2:22-24, Eph 6:1-4, Phi 4:13, 1 Chr 16:1

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– Pray

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