That person is long gone and yet you are still thinking about him or her. You are still

gossiping about him or her. You are still structuring your day around him or her, cyber bullying and in person physically stalking. You are still keeping his or her name in your mouth. You still going by his or her house? Why, when he or she don’t even work there anymore? Let him or her go and move on with your life. Ain’t nothing cute about being a psycho stalker or obsessed co-worker.

I once worked for a guy who got my predecessor fired. He and she didn’t get along. They didn’t respect each other. He hated her and I’m sure she hated me. But he wouldn’t let her die. Six months into my tenure and everyday he was still talking about her. He talked about her day in and day out. He was beyond obsessed. I used to pray that he would just let it go. I was convinced that she had happily moved on with her life while he was bitterly, hatefully, keeping her name is his mouth months which turned into years after her dismissal.

Have you ever experienced this? Someone who keeps someone else’s name in their mouth? That person that their obsessing over is long gone, but they wont stop talking about him or her. How did you handle coworkers, colleagues or bosses like this? Comment below.

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