Do you work with any malicious people? Want to know how you can spot a person with mal intent?

Trying to figure out what things should one look out for in order to spot a person with mal intent at work in Corporate America? Note the following

Spotting A Person With Mal Intent – Things To Look Out For

  • Body language (they hover, invade personal space, …)
  • Hang around with no purpose (this comes along with immeasurable negativity …)
  • Facial expressions (sinister looks, smirks, guilty looks, grimmace expressions …)
  • They take pleasure in other people problems and misfortune (observe how they react when others fail… observe how they react when others win…its not always obvious when they do it to you but if they do it to others they’ll do it to you too)
  • They invoke hurt and pain
  • Always looking for a reaction to satisfy their ‘misery love company’ complex (they gain joy from witnessing you react with anger, pain, hurt, sadness,…)
  • Sneaky just sneaky, they’re sneaky and always up to no good
  • They want to ensure that you know that they are up to no good (they want you to know that you are their target in an attempt to intimidate and invoke fear… Give it to God and let Him be your protector and vindicator)
  • They’re shady
  • They’re saboteurs
  • They exhibit no guilt or remorse for the trifling things they say or do
  • They use humor to insult and to camouflage their nonsense (i.e. back handed compliments … or claims to just have been joking)
  • They’re emotionally draining
  • You’ve feel drained and dread the thought of dealing with them
  • They try to bring you into their nonsense by getting you to gossip about or be mean to others
  • They’re miserable and want everyone else to be as well
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Have you ever worked with a mal intended or malicious person? Comment below and share your experiences.

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