Please know and realize that Satan is a busy devil. One of the greatest ways to win a war is to

know the strategies of the enemy. One of the enemy’s greatest and most common attacks will be against your identity, your self esteem and your self confidence. He will attack your mind and convince you that you are not as great as God has created you to be. Know who you are in Christ. Know who God has created you to be. You are a loved, adored, strong, destined, well-abled, smart, safe, secure, child of God. You are a co heir with Christ.You have been equipped for every situation and every circumstance. Rest in that knowledge and keep moving forward. March towards your God given destiny. Don’t give up. Keep the faith. No matter what you are facing right now, God is with you and He will bring you though. Know that Victory Belongs to Jesus. Que Todd Dulaney. 

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