My loves we often mention words and phrases such as Satan, Demons, darkness, evil, spiritual warfare, Armor of God, taking authority, staying in peace, taking your God given power, talking to the devil, declaring, decreeing, trust in Him, speak to your situation, unforgiveness, forgiveness, blessings, repentance, believers and victory in our articles here on FGCC. It's been placed on my mind and heart that not everyone who reads articles on our blog has the spiritual understanding or the Biblical background surrounding these concepts. As such, to lay a better foundational basis for our readers, I would like to share with you a wonderful, powerful, anointed, empowering, teaching series presented by Rabbi Schneider who is based out of Toledo, Ohio.

Self Deliverance Series

In his 8 part "Self Deliverance" series he digs deep into the into the Biblical basis and modern day practical existence of Satan, demons, the spirit of darkness throughout the world, evil and wicked behavior and spiritual warfare that we all may face.

Rabbi Schneider discusses our vulnerabilities for attacks and the methods that Satan and his demons use. He teaches us how to be battle ready and able to defeat anything that the enemy or the devils brings our way.

His teachings provides sound scriptural refences and Biblical examples for all concepts. He is concise yet thorough. You will definitely gain foundational knowledge and wisdom on many basic Christian principles and scenarios that we as humans face and how we can overcome all sorts of trials and tribulations throughout our lives.

Rabbi Schneider gives insight into how to overcome debilitating issues such as fear, worry, anxiety, depression, sickness, disease, pornography, drug addiction, alcoholism, obesity, anger, hatred and lust.

He gives knowledge and insight on how we can deliver ourselves from all powers of darkness.

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Within each section of his 8 part video series he teaches The Word, prays for those viewing the message, and speaks blessings over the lives of the listeners of the teaching.

This 8 part series will definitely leave you feeling renewed and set free.

I learned and gained a lot from watching it myself.


While the videos are relatively short at about 20 minutes each, I would suggest that you don't watch them all in one setting but instead watch a video a day or a video a week and really meditate on the scriptures and the teaching that he gives before moving on to the next section.

Also, if you find yourself wanting to hear a message more than once, or go through the series more than once, feel free. His teachings are that powerful and that anointed that they warrant multiple viewings.

Rabbi Schneider

Links to the videos are listed below. If you would like to financially support his ministry, please click here.

To learn more about his ministry at Lion of Judah World Outreach Center, please click here.

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