Salary Negotiating 101 - Learn Useful Tips & Strategies from business Management Daily's FREE Career Guide Book first Generation Corporate Careers FGCC


 Salary Negotiating 101 - Learn Useful Tips & Strategies from business Management Daily's FREE Career Guide Book first Generation Corporate Careers FGCC


Have you had a job interview lately? Which interview questions do you dread the most? For myself and many others we start to get anxious towards the end of the interview because we know what’s coming. Interviewers and hiring managers often times try to be slick and sneak it in right before they wrap things up. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the dreaded salary questions. How much do you currently make? What is your target range? What is the lowest salary you can accept? All I ever think is “how much I currently earn is none of your business, I’ll take as much as I can get and my minimum salary requirements depend on my current level of desperateness” respectively.


While as a job candidate I think it’s none of an employers business to know how much I currently make or have made in the past I still do understand the employers need to ask the questions. They feel that they will waste a considerable amount of time interviewing someone that they can’t afford to hire. So although I don’t like it I get it.


As job candidates how can we successfully satisfy the potential employers questions without selling ourselves short? If our believed or perceived job market value is too high then they won’t hire us. And if our stated salary requirements are too low we’ve cheated ourselves out of money  and it’s possible that they still won’t hire us. What are the best strategies or tactics to use when negotiating a starting salary or raise? How can you get the employer to state a range first? How do you handle them threatening to end all contact if you don’t provide your salary history and or requirements? Do you know? If not be sure to download and read this FREE book “Salary Negotiating 101” from Business Management Daily and FreebizMag.


By reading the FREE career guide book Salary Negotiating 101 you’ll learn 7 secrets to boosting your lifetime career earnings, negotiating a raise and striking the best deal in a job offer negotiation. Moving forward when you think you deserve a raise, you won’t be afraid to walk into your boss’s office and ask for it? Don’t let ineffective negotiation skills hold you back. According the the authors of Salary Negotiating 101 employees at all levels of the organization can boost their career earnings by following the rules on negotiating a raise, hashing out the best pay package in a job offer negotiation and knowing their market value.


Salary Negotiating 101 from Business Management Daily will teach you how to negotiate your pay from a position of strength, armed with documentation of your accomplishments, your value to your organization and research on salary comparisons in your industry. Click here to download your copy of the FREE career guide book Salary Negotiating 101 now. Let us know what are the best tips your learned from Salary Negotiating 101 in the comments below. If you’ve successfully negotiated a better compensation package, bonus or raise in the past let us know how you did it in the comments below.

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