Rise and Shine – You Virtuous Patient Beautiful Soul

Good Morning. Rise and Shine. Insurmountable

patience is yours.

Look at you being all effortlessly good looking. You are amazing. You are wonderfully made. You are great. You are all that. You have the ability to do what ever you want. Don’t let nobody tell you different. Rebuke any doubt or crippling thoughts that imply otherwise.

You are a virtous patient person covered and blessed by the Lord to not only endure but to graciously enjoy another work week by being a joyful, loving, patient, peace making employee.

You are a giver. You are a way maker. You are a trailblazer. As they use to say, you are all that and then some. There ain’t no stopping you. You got the glow.

“To reach that upper level your mind, body and soul must be one… So don’t let go of the power of elevation.” You got that sublime glow. Shine on. You virtuous, patient one.

You glorious, virtuous, patient one, please spend some time this week reflecting on the following words of wisdom for strength, patience and endurance left behind by the late great Bruce Lee. 

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