Good Morning My Loves. Happy Monday. Hope

you all had a fantastic weekend. It’s time to Rise and Shine. What a beautiful day it is. I pray God’s endless blessings, covering and protection over each of you. You are well abled and can do all things through Him. Undeterred, unbothered, laser focused. Mind, soul and spirit stayed on Him and only Him. Give all your cares to Him. Walk in unwavering love and stay rooted in peace.

Quick question loves – When does summer start for you? Do you consider the beginning of the summer vacation, beach, pool and festival season as Memorial Day or June 21st? How about you all in the Southern Hemisphere? How about you all in the Northern Hemisphere outside of the U.S. (United States)? Do you have an “unofficial” start to the summer in your mind and go by weather, holidays, events or do you go by the official world calendar? Comment below.

Que – “Your Spirit” by Tasha Cobbs, “Fill Me Up” by Tasha Cobbs and “Holy Spirit” by Jesus Culture

Read – Phi 4:13, Jas 4:7

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