Rise and Shine – Stay On Your Grind

Its a beautiful day. You are amazing, well abled and destined to be blessed.
God isn’t the source of fear, sadness, anxiety or being stressed.
Rise and shine, stay on your grind, and

don’t pay those hateful people no mind.
Haters gonna hate. Keeping yo name in their mouth and plotting against you is all they know to do.
So sad, so pathetic, so pitiful yet so true.
Stay in peace. Don’t engage.
Let them be envious and enraged.
Don’t provide the haters the satisfaction of giving them a reaction.
Ignore, Ignore, Ignore and Ignore some more
For some foolish, ungodly reason they think taking you out
instead of working hard and bettering themselves is what the road to success or happiness is all about.
Don’t worry, no need to fret, you’ve lived a life of integrity and no regrets.
God’s plan for your career cannot be hater blocked.
When one door closes another gets unlocked.
God has his hand on your future and your destiny is on lock.
Don’t argue, fuss, cuss or get up and fight back.
Focus on your goals, your plight
and within a dark toxic environment be a quiet source of light
Pray that one day, they’ll realize the err of their wicked ways and see the light
In the meantime realize there is no need to go back and forward with them haters and fight
No need to prove your might when you know that you not they are right
Instead rebuke him and them, put your head down, pray, walk away, go home, or take a break,
blast some praise music, do whatever necessary to disengage
from their mean, evil, ignorant, antagonistic, bullying behavior
and mentally escape their illogical rage.
There is power in ignoring nonsense.
There is power in staying in peace.
There is power in having unbreakable joy.
There is power in prayer.
Pray, stay in peace and worship Him throughout your day.
To win battles and step over the traps that they have set,
keeping God first,
staying on your grind,
forgiving and not allowing their foolish behavior and attacks to rewind in your mind,
unconditionally loving them and always being kind,
truly not paying them hateful folks any mind,
and letting Him fight your battles I must say is the only way.
Stay in peace each and every day.
Rise and Shine, don’t let your emotions control you, be focused and Stay On Your Grind.

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Que “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” by Michael W. Smith then let’s hear “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift followed by “Watch Me” from Silento and lets bring it back down with “Smile” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard


Read Mat 6:33 and Psa 57:6

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