Rise and Shine God Has You On His Mind


Good Morning. Rise and Shine.
You are gorgeous, oh so divine.
Beautiful or handsome just through and through
Thank God for another day, He broke the mode when creating you.
Kind hearted, gentle yet strong, a muse for many a song.
Worthy of all your blessings
Worthy to sit at the right hand of the Throne.
Powerful, sweet, not intimated, not afraid to admit when wrong
always unapologetically true to self, holy, righteous, redeemed and set free
You think to yourself “Oh how great it is to be me”
By his grace and mercy
there are no limits to who you will be.
Keep him first, stay prayed up,
Remember the past, thank Him, for Him for being raised up
He brought you through
A little trial and a little tribulation
but you ain’t never gave up
A little fire but no remnants of flame no smell of smoke
A little storm and rain but then came then sunshine when you awoke
Rest in Him
Give Him your cares
He will keep you safe
from the traps and the snares
Continue to serve
Continue to lead
Continue to be an example
Example of a prayed up servant
an example of a blessed blessing
A child of God.

Que: “He Wants It All” by Forever Jones
Read: Gal 6:1, Eph 4:2, Col 3:12, Phi 4:5, 2 Tim 2, Col 4:5-6, Phi 2

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