The following situations or circumstances

may be reasons preventing you from receiving a Stimulus Check in part or in full:

  • No social security number
  • You haven’t filed taxes in years
  • Your earnings exceed the guidelines limits
  • You are an employed college student, high school student or other young adult but your parents still claim you as a dependent
  • You as a disabled adult are dependent upon someone else, some claims you on their taxes
  • You as a senior citizen are dependent on your children or grandchildren or other loved one and they claim you on their taxes
  • You are a non custodial parent or your ex claims the children
  • You in arrears on your child support payments
  • You child was born in 2020, there is no $500 bonus for children born this year

Comment below if you’ve experienced payment issues for any of these reasons.

For help on your stimulus check contact the IRS

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