While scrolling through YouTube I recently came across a video on a channel called "I Am Athlete." The title of the video caught my eye so I decided to take a quick look. The hosts of the channel began to discuss some aspects of the front office or the corporate side of the professional sports industry so I took note.

A key topic of conversation surrounded an incentivized minority development coaching or team management program. The hosts likened it to an affirmative action program. I'm not a big fan of sports but I have a fairly solid understanding of race relations throughout the world and Corporate America so I wanted to hear what they had to say and to see if there were any lessons learned that I could share with you all.

Some of their talking points included

- Why is such a program needed in 2020 (2021) and beyond?
- Why should teams need to be incentivized to hire minorities?
- Should the sporting leagues be incentivized to hire minorities or people of color?
- The good ol' boys club
- Hiring preferences leaning towards people that one is comfortable with
- Underestimating and prejudging others
- Proving one's worth after given the opportunity to do so
- Getting a foot in the door by any means possible
- Missed job opportunities being a blessing
- When quota based programs hire unqualified people
- Squandering opportunities
- The inability to climb the corporate ladder even once one has gotten a foot in the door
- Prioritizing money over morals and humanity


Some other things noted from viewing the conversation included

- There are always critics
- Silence or Constructive criticism of another's failures is always the best route to take
- Its okay to be in love with one self "I love me some me"
- Always keep your standards high
- Always set boundaries for yourself


My understanding of affirmative action or quota based programs has always been that qualifications still have to be met. No one in Corporate America just says "I'll take any 5 Blacks, 7 Asians and 3 Hispanics that show up" to work in my Purchasing Department today. Have any of you ever seen that sort of thing take place? People are screened, vetted, tested, qualified.

I'm not aware of any company in Corporate America that just hires people to hire them in order to fulfill affirmative action type quotas. I know plenty of companies that hire people regardless of qualifications due to nepotism and other quo pro quo type obligations however.

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So affirmative action and other quota based programs which have standards that still need to be meet and only hire those that can properly do the job but shows some preference to people of color is not a bad thing. Truth be told every person of color and woman in America has benefited from affirmative action either directly or indirectly.


So if any of my loves works in the corporate side of professional sports then lets us know what its like. Comment below what you do and how you were able to get a foot in the door. Let others in the FGCC community know how they can get a foot in the door as well.


On a side note, one professional sports industry I have a tiny bit of familiarity with due to their reality shows is professional wrestling. For the corporate or front office side of professional wrestling it seems like they hire a lot of old or retired wrestlers. Is that true throughout professional sports? Is it easier for an athlete to transition into the front office or corporate or business side of sports than the average laymen?

Anywho, my loves go check out the video and comment below your thoughts.

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