Facing problems? Worried? Need to make a big decision? Confused? Stressed? Sad? Don’t know where to turn or what to do?

Pray – Regardless of what your facing, try giving it to

God. Try praying about it. Try seeking His face. If you have a problem, pray and ask God for wisdom and discernment on how to handle the situation.

God is not a god of confusion. If you are confused about something or someone pray and ask God for clarity.

God is not a god of stress or worry. Pray and ask God for peace. Pray and ask God for guidance. Pray and ask God for joy.

If you have a major decision to make, pray and ask God how to proceed.

If you are facing an issue and don’t know where to turn, search the scriptures, pray and ask God for help.

Pray that God brings the right people into your life and remove the wrong folks. Pray that God orders your steps and keep you from harm. Pray, pray, pray…

This coming week, try praying. Just talk to God. Silent prayers work just as audible ones. Your heart and faith are what matters.

Let Him know what you need and believe that He can hear you out. He is a way maker. He really is.

At every empass and throughout the day, challenge yourself to pray. There is no greater friend than Jesus. Know that whatever you’re going through you will be okay. Hang in there. Trouble doesn’t last always. My loves, I love you. God loves you more. 

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