Privacy Violations At Work – Prayer To Reclaim Right To Privacy

No one has the right to steal my privacy or to violate my privacy rights. They don’t have the right to violate your privacy either. I am committed to taking my rights back and you should be to. I’m praying to God for help. I know he will expose every person, every employer, every enemy who has hacked into my accounts, put me under surveillance, violated my privacy and tried to destroy me. I know He will give me double for my trouble and will render their efforts powerless, null and void. If you have had your right to privacy taken from you, take it back. Let’s take it back together. I’m praying

“Heavenly Father, you know that I’ve suffered egregious privacy violations. My right to privacy has been stolen from me and I’m ready to fight to take it all back.

Help me to move forward. Help me to trust in you, wait on your timing and to know that everything will work together for my good and your glory and honor in the end.

You are my vindicator and my protector. You are my shield and my guide. I thank you for all that you are and all that you do.

Please give me wisdom, knowledge, discernment, peace and insight in how to move forward.

I will abide by the laws of the land and not chaotically or impulsively take things into my own hands.

I know who the main perpetrators are and have been. (Help me to discern who the perpetrators are). You word says the wicked will not go unpunished for their deeds and that you will make my enemies my footstool. Those who have stolen my right to live privately in this land are my enemies.

No one has the right to my personal information. No one has the right to tap into my phone. No one has the right to hack into my personal accounts or to break into my electronic devices. No one has the right to remotely access my computer. No one has the right to enter my home or to break into my car. No one has the right to steal my id, my personal documents, or take photos or videos of me. No one has the right to impersonate me, to create fake accounts in my name, to touch my stuff, or to take my possessions. No one has the right to put a gps tracker on my car, to follow me, to stalk me, to disclose my address or other whereabouts. No one has the right to hoover over me, to look at my computer screen, to put me under surveillance, to attempt to narrate my life, to distribute data or files of any kind about me that have been unethically and illegally obtained, to make claims to or to try and control what I say or do. No one has the right to manipulate and publicize videos or recordings that I wasn’t even aware where been illegally taken. No one has the right to my privacy.

No one has the right to anything in my life. No one has the right to know where I live nor be bold and trifling enough to show up at my house. No one has the right to track my whereabouts and to follow me into stores or harass and ambush me at places of business. No one has the right to my emails. No one has the right to illegally access or login to this website. No one has the right to jam my wifi and hack into my internet connection. No one has the right to circumvent my VPN connection. No has the right to my financial data. No one has the right to my personal data. No one has the right to my business data. No one has the right to my passwords for any website including this one. No one has the right to go online stating lies and making foolish claims about me particularly when I don’t know them from a hole in the wall. No one has the right to my name, image or likeness. No one has the right to share my personal information of any kind. No one has the right to anything about me. Not my name. Not my location. Not where I’ve been nor where I’m going. Not what I say nor what I think. No one has a right to me. Not to any aspect of my. No today. No tomorrow. Not ever.

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I pray that you will give me what is needed to prosecute all offenders.

I come against all forces of darkness, all strongholds, all arguments, all pretensions and all spirits of evil in this regard.

I come against every true force behind the attacks against my privacy including any and all sources of black magic, white magic, sorcery, witchcraft, incantations, voodoo, demonic forces of evil in this realm and in the unseen

I declare all their attempts to take me out, to destroy me, to damage my reputation, to come against my livelihood, to “expose” me, to “cancel” me, to try and convince others of what “type of person” I really am null and void. VOIDED. Checks cancelled.

I demand that Satan get his hands off of me.

I rebuke, bind, break and destroy all their power and reclaim what is rightfully mine. My privacy. I demand my right to privacy back. It’s mine. It’s not theirs, It’s mine

I demand vindication. I demand restoration. I demand peace. I demand, decree and declare that you will bless me in front of my enemies and what they meant for my harm will be use for Your glory. Not my glory but Your glory. Not my name but your name will be held up high.

I believe and declare that souls will be saved and your kingdom will be further built as a result of the destructive acts that they have made against me.

I release all fear, shame, worry, anxiety, weariness, resentment, hatred, feelings of vengeance, desires to expose the culprits on this website and do to them what they have tried to do to me, unforgiveness, and all other ill feelings that are not in line with your will or word for the righteous to abide in.

Help me to take up the full armor of God, to guard my heart, to renew my mind, to stay planted in peace, to remain true to your word, to know that you will keep me, to abide day in and day out in the fruit of the Spirit all the days of my life. Lord, Jesus, hear my humble cry please

In the name of Jesus and by His blood, I decree and declare, my personal information, my belongings, my privacy is mine and I’m taking it all back. #Amen “

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