Prayer When You’re Feeling Lonely or Isolated At Work or Beyond

If you are feeling alone, lonely or isolated at work, please know that God loves you and he’s bringing you godly relationships and divine connections. He will give you life long friendships and eternal peace. He will bless you with joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment and people who will have your back. Stay in faith. Stay in peace. Keep your mind stayed on him. Stay prayed up. Pray

“Heavenly Father, Oh Mighty God,

Thank You so much for another day amongst the land of the living.

Thank You for loving me, guiding me, abiding in me, protecting me, providing for me, giving me strength, hope, and a future.

Oh how I love You so.

I know You love me and will never leave or forsake me but my God, I feel so all alone.

I feel so lost, hurt, disconnected, misunderstood and confused.

I feel like I don’t have friends, familial or ministerial support and like I am journeying through this thing called life all alone.

I know as long as I have King Jesus I don’t need nobody else but I have a desire to have fruitful, productive, godly relationships with others

Is that wrong?

I need You. I need You to wrap me in your arms and allow me to really, I mean really feel your presence right now.

Release these feelings that I have and give me peace beyond understanding. Feel me with a joy that only you can give. Comfort me.

Wrap me in your arms please.

Renew my mind and guard my heart. Show me You. Show me the plans that you have for me. Comfort me and guide my way.

Please bless me with godly relationships and divine connections. Give me the right (godly, divine) support and protect me and block me from engaging in the wrong

Lead me to a path of understanding. Lead me down a path to wholeness and healing.

I’m praying and believing that this season of isolation and loneliness won’t last forever and that You will bless me with the right relationships whether business, personal, professional, familial, neighborly or just with those I encounter throughout the day.

I’m praying for restored and renewed relationships that may have gone astray. I’m praying that time has healed all wounds and that mutual forgiveness can take place.

I m praying for new found relationships where I can be a blessing to others and where others can be a blessing to me.

I’m praying for relationships that are uplifting, encouraging, kingdom building, supporting, thought provoking, loving, challenging, destiny guiding and goal reaching.

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I’m praying for a mind and a heart that can be comfortable in moments and seasons of isolation and solitude but not to the point of pushing everyone else away and have permanent solitude

I’m praying that I can form relationships with others where I can have a positive impact or effect on them as long as they’re not infecting me and my soul or throwing me of my path to glory.

I’m praying that all ungodly soul ties be immediately broken and that no new ones will ever form.

I’m praying for the will and might to grow closer to you and to always keep you first in my life during seasons of loneliness and isolation and during seasons of relationship harvest and fulfillment where friends and family abound.

I’m praying father for your will and you way.

I’m praying for the other believers in the body of Christ who may be going through the same thing and that you heal, restore, make whole and comfort them as well

Help me to seek thy face and to abide in your word.

Help me to stay positive and to know that even in seasons of loneliness and isolation that my living is not in vain.

Comfort me.

Encamp your angels around me.

Shield me from all sources of hurt and harm.

Protect me from all danger.

Allow me to stay alert of the roaring lion

Cover me and bless me.

Help me to live in peace, power and authority

In the mighty name of Jesus and by His blood I pray. Amen.”

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