Prayer When Your Job or Workplace Brings Out The Worst In You

Don’t let your job destroy you. Don’t allow your job to bring out the worst in you. If you are struggling, pray and ask God for help

“Lord, by your grace and in the name of the mighty Savior, please help me to stay in peace

Lord by your grace and in the name of the Son, keep my mind stayed on you and my feet set on the righteous path that you have set before me

Lord, God, help me to stay strong and to not fall into the ways of this world or fall back into a life of sin

I will not backslide in the name of Jesus

Renew my mind and help me to not loose faith or fall away from the principles that you have set before me in your word

Each day give me the power of the blood and the ability to stand firm and take up the full armor of God

Keep me from being swayed by the ways of this world which are sin and death

Allow me to walk in my purpose and be a light in this dark world

My workplace brings out the absolute worst in me and I know you want better from me

Lord, in the name of Jesus, let me not be overcome by the trials, chaos, confusion, hatred, bullying, harassment, gossip, discord, dissension, folly, toxicity and just general nonsense and foolishness of the workplace but let me overcome it with love and to always practice self control

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Help to to remain calm and to stay in peace

Give me the wisdom, discernment, and power to exude the best qualities that you have blessed me with

Clothe me in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, understanding, forgiveness and self control

Lord help me please. Guide me in the spirit. Cover me in the blood. By your grace and mercy I can be free

Humbly I pray to thee, in Jesus name, I have faith and believe for all these things, Amen”

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