Prayer When Your Job Brings Out The Worst In You and You’re About To Lose Self Control

If your job brings out the worst in you then please pray to keep it from stealing your love, joy, happiness and peace.

“Lord, Lord, Heavenly Father, Dear Lord …
All Mighty God. I’m trying to live right but I’m struggling. I need you like never before.
The better a person I try and become the worst this situation and the people therein get.
It feels like every demon in hell is coming after me and instead of staying in peace and holding on to your word, I’m succumbing to letting this job bring out the worst in me
I (have/ am about to) let them have a piece of my mind
I’m theeeiissssssssssss close to cursing someone out
It’s gotten so bad that I’m (upset all the time/ its spilling over into my home life/ ready to quit/ stressed/ angry/ worried/ living in fear).
I have had to get up and walk away to keep from (slapping/ knocking the mess out of) X on more than one occasion
Lord, help me to resist their attacks. Help me to stay strong in the face of the attacks of the enemy.
Renew my mind and cleanse my spirit. Help me to focus on things above and not below.
Help me to see the true source of worry, problems, stress, anxiety, struggles and calamity.
Allow me to take up the full Armor of God.
Help me to submit myself to you and to resist the attacks of the enemy
Help me to abide in the fruit of the Spirit, remain under grace, stay in the new testament and not return or revert back to the old ways of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth type of mentality
Help me to see me as who you say I am and to live how you would have me to live
Give me strength from day to day
Grant me the will and the might to practice self control
Forgive me for my sinful ways
Remove all desires of vengeance and retaliation from me
Create a clean heart in me, renew my mind, order my steps and guide my ways
Help me to stand on your word and be steadfast in prayer, thanksgiving and supplication
Give me the knowledge and wisdom to be restored, set free and to be the best me that I can be
Let me not be controlled by my circumstances but to be a beacon of love and light regardless of my circumstances
Give me strength
Help me to show mercy and grace to those who have done me all the way wrong
Take away all anger and give me a heart and mind to forgive those who have hurt and harmed me even when they are not sorry
Help me to forgive those who have tried to tear me down and destroy me
Help me to forgive those who have pursued smear campaigns against me
Help me to stay in peace
Give me the power and authority to stand on your Holy word and turn the other cheek, 7*70 is the way
Lord please help me to abide in your will and walk according to your ways
Grant me wisdom and discernment please
Give me clarity towards how long to stay on this toxic, demoralizing, demeaning, stressful, job
I thank you in the midst of the pain for providing a way to pay the bills
Show me what your will for me here may be
Give me strength to leave when its time to go and not even position my head or cock my neck to look back
Give me the power to trust you as my provider and way maker
You gave me this job and I trust and believe that you will give me the next
My livelihood ultimately comes from you
Lord, I’m trying to figure it all out and have faith that my “try” and dependence on you is more than enough
I love you and know that you love me and would never leave me or forsake me
I know that you wont ever give me more than I can bear
I humbly submit myself to your will and you way
Heavenly Father, please order my steps and light the path that I should follow
All these things, I humbly ask, faithfully believe, and strongly receive in the mighty name of Jesus and by His blood I pray. Amen”

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