Prayer To Rid Yourself Of Your Obsession of Me, Your Coworker, Or Anyone Else

“Dear God. Please help me to really mean, take in, meditate on, embrace, and observe the words of this prayer. Help me to be honest with myself and fully transparent with thee. Free my mind and open my heart. I welcome help, and healing, and the freeing of my illogical obsession.”

“Please help me. I’m obsessed. I can’t seem to get enough of X.

I’m showing up at X’s house. I’m waiting outside near X’s car. I’ve stolen X’s car and house keys. I’m tracking X’s every move.

I’m peaking through windows, pacing up and down the street, following behind buses, timing trains, hacking phones, breaking into devices, stealing files, going through X’s belongings, digging through X’s trash, filming in X’s home, calling hotels trying to find out where X is staying, showing up at airports and rental car agencies seeking a glimpse of X.

I’m stalking X online. There isn’t much out there so I’ve created accounts myself. I’ve locked X out of some of X’s own accounts as well. I’ve pretended to be X using the convos that I taped and surveillance that I made and have contacted and formed relationships with other as such. They don’t know that I’m not really X. LOL.

I’ve lied to our coworkers that I have a friendship with X and that X calls me when X has in fact never called me. X would never call me. X believes I’m a filthy, crazy, no good psychopath. Regardless, I’m doing any and everything just to get a hint into X’s life.

People pay me attention when I pretend to be X. People talk to me when I center the conversation around X. Everything about X perks up my senses. I’m addicted to X.

I know X doesn’t care to get to know me or desire to have anything to do with me but that doesn’t stop my desire to maintain contact with X. I’m obsessed. I want control over X.

I know my feelings are illogical but I’m infatuated with X and have been for quite some time.

I wanted to have a friendship with X and I don’t know why I was rejected by X. X moved away from me at work. Then X moved far away from where I live but I don’t let those miles discourage me. I travel through tunnels and across bridges to stalk X. I tried to be friendly with X and X just ignored me over and over again.

X physically avoids me at all costs. X thinks I’m crazy. X things I’m a psycho. X has said that I’m a stalker. I have wired taped X’s phone whereby X describe me as a crazy psychopath to others.

I can’t understand why X doesn’t want anything to do with me. I wish I were somehow a part of X’s life and inner circle.

I don’t know how people can like X when X doesn’t like me or want to have anything to do with me. Since X doesn’t want me in X’s life I will work to destroy X’s life. Nobody rejects me especially not X. X doesn’t like me so I don’t want anyone to like X. If X isn’t for me, I wont be for X and no one else will be either. I’ve contacted many people pretending to be X using the stolen files, photos, videos and illegal recordings that I have gained of X.

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I know I need help. But X should’ve been willing to be my friend. X shouldn’t have avoided talking to me. X shouldn’t have rejected me. I just wanted to be friends with X. That’s not too much to ask for.

I know what I have done to X has not been right. But I’ve been successful. I have fooled so many people with my fake accounts pretending to be X. I have tracked X’s whereabouts and have sent others to harass X whenever X is out and where X goes. That will teach X to pay attention to me. I enjoy being X.

I need help.

Please fix my mind. Please rid me of all evil, illogical, obsessive, possessive, controlling desires of X.

Keep me from turning my efforts of vengeance for X’s rejection, violent.

It’s so thrilling to see X react to my attacks. I enjoy seeing X upset and confused. I get off from creating chaos. I enjoy getting any reaction from X no matter what I must do to get it. It makes me feel like I’m in control of X. When I don’t get a reaction out of X, I get a thrill and satisfaction out of the reactions that I get from people when I pretend to be X.

Getting attention from messing with X makes me so happy.

Please heal me of my infatuation and obsession of X. Please free me from obsessing over X and being a stalker of X. Give me the strength and desire to get the proper professional mental and medical help that I so desperately need.

Please allow me to move on from stalking, impersonating, following and obsessing over X. There has to be a better way. Please allow people to love me and interact with me without me having to center every conversation around X.

Please help people like me once they finally realize that I have been lying on X and stalking X for all these years.

Please forgive me for all that I have done to X. Please allow X, the one that I have obsessed over, followed and stalked to forgive me.

Please restore to X a feeling of safety, security, peace and freedom that I have worked for years to destroy.”

If anyone can translate this (the above) to Urdu or Arabic, please do so in the comments below.

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