Prayer To Overcome Being Violated By Coworkers, Employers or Anyone Else and Prayer To Gain Strength and Wisdom To Keep Future Violations From Occurring

Dear God

I love you and will abide by your ways. Thank you for loving me. Fill your Holy Spirit in this place. Fill the atmosphere.

Cleanse me, guide me, abide in me.

As you know, I have been repeatedly disrespected and violated. I have been violated in ways that no one should have to bear. Lord, it’s been so much and so frequent that I have become numb to the pain.

Lord, while I believe in staying in peace and letting you fight my battles, I also believe in decorum, respect, decency and setting boundaries.

I have a heart to pray and a mind that stays on you. Please awaken the numbness enveloping me and allow me to feel the pain, mourn the loss of aspects of myself and completely feel the brokenness. Allow me to consciously flow through the stages of loss and grief to get through and beyond all transgressions and abuse experienced.

I trust you to bring me out of the hurt and harm endured and to heal and make whole again my mind, my body, my heart, my soul and my spirit.

Thank you for keeping me as I have been pressed but not crushed, perplexed but not in complete despair, persecuted but not fully abandoned, struck down but not destroyed.

Please restore my joy. Allow me to trust again in humanity. Please fill me with your Spirit and allow the holy ghost to fully abide in me.

I trust you to vindicate me and believe you that those who have violated me will not go unpunished. Help me to forgive them. Help to allow you to fight my battles and to not take vengeance in my own hands. Release and remove all strongholds and thoughts of unforgiveness stuck in me.

Your word says when I’m weak you will make me strong. I need your strength Lord, not only your physical strength but mentally, emotionally and spiritually I need your strength as well.

Order my way and guide my steps. Please bless me with godly wisdom and infinite courage to set boundaries with future aggressors and violators. Your word says the righteous stands bold as a lion. Please bring out the lion/ lioness within me. Keep me from becoming immobilized by shock, shame, pain, hurt, fear and or intimidation.

I rebuke, bind, and destroy all spirits of ungodly restraint and immobilization that keep me from defending and protecting myself that are trying to attach themselves to me.

Allow me not to shrink, be silent, cower or crumble but to stand in power and authority. You gave me authority here on Earth over every serpent and stronghold. Keep me from reverting back to my historical powerless, weak ways of completely tuning everything out as I’m being attacked and violated and cocooning myself to escape the transgressors actions and to protect myself (mind, body, and soul) from their violations, transgressions and abuse.

Going forward, give me the voice and courage to scream “Stop it!!! That’s not okay!!! You have no right to do that!!! Get away!!! Stop!!! No!!! Stop!!! Don’t do that!!! Don’t say that!!!! Stop!!! Quit it!!! Leave!!! Get away from me!!!! Leave me alone!!!! Stop!!!! Get away!!! Please move!!! Quit it!!! Stop!!! Stop It!!!! No!!! Away from me!!!! That’s abuse!!!! You’re violating me!!! You’re abusing me!!!! You’re hurting me!!!! Your inflicting pain on me!!!! Stop!!! Stop it!!! You can’t do that!!! Stop!!!! I will not tolerate what you doing!!!! Get away from me!!! You have no right to do that!!!! Stop!!!! I said stop it!!!! Don’t touch me!!!! Don’t touch that!!! That’s not yours!!! You’re violating me!!! You’re violating my rights!!! Stop!!!! You have no right to do that!!!! I will not tolerate what you are doing!!!! Stop!!!! Help!!! Help me please!!!! Somebody help me please!!!! Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Please Heavenly Father, put the right people in positions of authority who will be able to protect me from violent, demoralizing, disrespectful, intrusive, invasive, lucid, demonic spirits going forward. Please keep me from toxic, abusive, violent, hateful workplaces moving forward. Allow my voice to be heard and to matter.

Free me from all oppressions. Allow me to see where I have gone wrong in letting things occur and keep me from making the same mistakes again. Please abide in me and give me the wisdom to move forward in power and authority going forward. Please abide in me and let the voice of your Holy Spirit guide me.

I know I don’t deserve what has happened to me. No one does.

I am more than what has occurred and will commit to living a life that is fruitful, courageous, strong, powerful, godly and abundant moving forward.

Strengthen me. Help me Jesus. Guard my heart. Cover me in the blood. Pour the blood all over me. Wrap me in your arms. Wash me. Cleanse me. Renew my mind. Refresh my soul.

More than a conqueror I am and more than a conqueror I will be.

Free my mind. I am who you say that I am. I am who you have called me to be. My latter days will be better than my former days. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me shall be condemned.

I rebuke, break, and bind all pretense, arguments, strongholds, ungodly attacks, and all demonic, evil assignments set and made against my life.

I know You, God, will deliver the righteous from trouble and shield those who love you. I love you God. Protect me from all sources of hurt, harm and danger. Deliver me please.

I will not be overcome by their evil ways and actions nor by spirits of this dark world. However, I will overcome all evil with goodness and love. I stand by and in agreement with your word.

Heavenly Father, Dear God, please hear my humble cry. In the mighty name and by the holy blood of Jesus, I ask, believe and have faith to receive these things. Amen and Amen.”

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