Prayer For When You Have To Work With “Karen” Sometimes at work you just need to stop and pray especially when dealing with “Karen”. Stay in peace and pray “Dear Lord,

Thank You for all that You are and all that You have been.

Please give me strength.

Help me to abide in thine ways and to not lose this job behind dealing with “Karen.” Help me to stay in peace and to show love and kindness at all times. Give me your heart and fill me with your spirit. Keep my mind stayed on you. Help me to demonstrate grace and mercy all of my days. Protect me from her deceitful wicked, trifling ways.

Limit our (“Karen” and I) interactions and provide timely safe escapes from her nonsense.

Guard my heart and cleanse my soul from harboring any resentment or ill will towards her. Release all anger and allow me to forgive her and operate in love even if she ain’t felt or said “Sorry.” No vengeance will I seek.

Please God, bless her with people in her live to show her the err of her ways and allow her the will, mind, heart, direction, desire and wisdom to want to do and be better. Help her to stop hurting others.

In the name of Jesus, here on Earth, I rebuke and bind and caste out all demonic forces operating within her that are working to cause destruction against me and others. Saul to Paul she will be.

Lord help me please. Give me godly wisdom, patience, peace, strategy and discernment in this regard. Order my steps and guide my ways. Protect and cover me please.

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In Jesus mighty Name I pray, Amen. “

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