Prayer When Others Are Trying To Get You Fired

Dear God:

Thank you for another day. Thank for being Lord of Lord and King of Kings. Thank you for being the great I am. Thank you Heavenly Father for loving me, being a source of strength, power and peace.

I humbly come before thee. I know nothing I go through is a surprise to you and that you can deliver me from all attacks of the enemy. He is attacking my livelihood. Those in his network are trying to get me fired from my job. They’re attacking my character, slandering my name, challenging my integrity, sabotaging my work, spreading lies, plotting destruction and setting traps, manipulating truths, playing politics, and otherwise campaigning for my removal from my job.

Your word says and I heed that as far as it depends on me, to try and get along with everyone, and I have. Help me to continue to be the bigger person.

Your word says and I stand in faith and agreement, that No weapon formed against shall prosper, every tongue that comes against me shall be condemned and if I submit myself to thee and resist the devil that he shall flee. I know by Exo 14:14 that I only need to be still and that by Deu 31:6 that I don’t need to be afraid or terrified of them. That you will fight my battles for me, will vindicate me and make a table for me before my enemies.

I know and believe that the righteous shall not be foresaken and those that trust in you cannot be removed.

I will stay in peace and continue to work as unto You.

Help me to harbor no resentment, anger, hatred, feelings of vengeance or ill will towards them. Forgive them as they know not what they do.

I trust and know that man doesn’t have power over my source of livelihood, the determination of my workplace or my God given destiny but every good and perfect thing comes from You.

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I believe and declare that you will open the eyes and speak to the hearts of those you’ve granted decision making power to, and if it is thy will that no matter what the enemy and his followers on that job try and say or do, that it will have no influence and be rendered null and void and I will not be let go.

Blessings including promotions, raises, increased visibility, authority, power and influence will hunt me down.

All glory and honor will be given and shown to thee.

I thank you for covering me, protecting me, delivering me from the attacks of the enemy and for ridding me of all stress, worry, fear and anxiety in this regard.

Thank you for keeping me full of joy and in perfect peace.

Grant me strength, courage and wisdom. Allow me to serve as a beacon of light in this sea of darkness.

In Jesus name and by his blood, I believe, decree and declare these things. I stand on the promises of your word. Thank you my mighty Father, my wonderful God. Amen.

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