Prayer For Those Who Are Stalking, Harassing and Following Me

“Dear God
Help them Jesus
Please show them right from wrong
Allow them to have the resources and desire to get the mental help that they need
I come against all forces of darkness and evil that is causing them to have an obsession of me and to behave as they have
Lord, please free them from their illogically insane, hateful, vindictive, vengeful, stalking, harassing, bullying, inciting, lurking ways
Give me the strength and power to release all anger towards those who have illegally and unjustly followed and harassed me
Lord help me to forgive them for violating my privacy and human rights
Help me to bless those who curse me and where necessary to be kind to those who spite me
Give me a heart and a mind to be more like you
Lord your word says what the enemy meant for harm will be used for good
Somehow, someway, please let that be so
Your word says when the enemy comes against me they will stumble and fall
Give me the wisdom and discernment to stay protected
Lord put a barrier of protection around me,
Encamp your angels around me,
When the enemy approaches, let them fall
Don’t allow them to come near me
Keep them from bothering me, following me, harassing me, impersonating me, lusting after me, obsessing over me moving forward
I know you sent me to be a light in this world and by your grace that is what I will be.
Hear my prayer oh God
In Jesus name I pray Amen”

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