Prayer For Those Who Aided and Abetted This Psycho Stalker In Coming Against Me

“Heavenly Father, thank you for another day. Thank you for covering and protecting me from the attacks and schemes of this psycho stalker and everyone who has knowingly or unknowingly aided and abetted (him/her) in (his/her) wicked, deceitful, evil, illegal, unethical, hateful, spiteful, envious, vengeful, stalking, harassing, bullying, intimidating ways.
Thank you for giving me a resilient spirit and a mind to pray. Help to forgive them all. I know they too may be victims of this psycho stalker’s manipulative, deceitful, conniving, chaos inflicting, destructive ways.
Allow me to release all feelings of fear, intimidation, hurt, anger, resentment and distrust and give me the power to show forgiveness, love, mercy, and grace to all those who have colluded in trying to dig up dirt, for spreading rumors, for hacking into my devices, for illegally tracing and tracking and disclosing my exact whereabouts, for somehow showing up to my home, for following me to and in public places, for disrupting my peace, for giving a listening ear to wire taped phone calls, and for otherwise violating my privacy rights and right to live whole free and safely, for coming against my livelihood, for attacking my character, for attacking my integrity, for sneakily taking videos and pictures of me without my knowledge or consent and manipulating content, for providing a watchful eye to said videos, for hurling insults, for making unnecessary and unwarranted comments, for standing over me, for trying to intimidate me, for stealing and going through my possessions, for breaking into my car and home, for providing an audience to illegally taped and illegally publicized phone and in person conversations, for breaking into my email accounts, for giving an audience to others types of illegal surveillance, for connecting to and engaging with fake social media and other types of online accounts, for invading my personal space, for physically approaching me, for being bold and just having the gall and nerve to do what all they have done, for lurking outside my hotel room, for minding business that is not theirs and for just generally acting a fool.
I rebuke, bind, cast out and come against all forces of darkness that are working with and through them to destroy and attack me.
Please allow them to see the err of their wicked ways. Forgive them heavenly father for they know not what they do or have done.
Please Lord give me wisdom in this regard.
Show me the godly way on how to move forward.
Forgive me for any anger, disappointment, bitterness, resentment and distaste that I have harbored towards them. Forgive me for not being able to completely ignore their behavior and for not being able to immediately just let it all go. Give me strength. Please help me to release any lingering feelings thereof.
Continue to protect me from them and their schemes going forward. Encamp your angels around me. Let them not get near me.
Guide my way and order my steps please.
In Jesus name, I pray, Amen”

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