Let’s keep our small businesses owners in mind during this trying time. Please note the following prayer.

Prayer for Small Business Owners and Their Employees As We Endure The Coronavirus Pandemic Stay At Home Mandate

“Dear Lord, Oh mighty God, all knowing, all present, all powerful God. Creator of heaven and the Earth, thank you. Thank you for who you are and all that you do. Thank you for the small business owners that make up such a large part of our economy. Thank you for allowing them to employ so many others.

Oh mighty God, you know all and you see all. Oh holy one, these small business owners, they’re in the storm and the fire. Many of them don’t see a way out, but God you are the way, you will make a way. Trouble and pain don’t last always.

Dear God, they’re in the fire but I believe in the name of Jesus, that when this is over they won’t even smell like smoke. They’ll come out of this Coronavirus Pandemic better off than when they went in. Sales in the rest of the year will more than make up for business lost during this part of the year.

God you are the provider. You are the one true source of all resources.

I declare and believe that new strategies and ways of doing business are being birthed. These business owners will learn how to become more efficient and productive. They’ll soon be able to do more with less. They’ll increase their success.

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