Prayer For “Karen” – When You Are Ready and Willing To Change Prayer “Dear God.

I am a sinner and I have done wrong.

I have caused chaos, strife, dissension, division and discord.

I have worked to bully, intimidate, humiliate, harass, divide & destroy others. I have lied, cheated, manipulated & abused the reporting and complaint system by making false reports, exaggerated reports, manipulated reports and other reports full intentional deceit. I have created evidence when there was none and distorted what was already there to support my cause.

I have personally caused and caused others to inflict pain upon my Black brothers and sisters & other people of color and to treat them unfairly. I have wrongly taken the law into my own hands. I have misused the justice system and have independently operated as judge, juror, and executioner.

I have abused the “911” hotline by calling the police with the sole intent to harass, bully, intimidate, and control others all while maintaining a sly smile of innocence on my face.

I’m aware of my white privilege and am sorry for abusing it at the expense of or on the backs of others. Please forgive me.

Lord, I want to do better. Please show me how. Forgive me for my wrongs and help me to make my wrongs right.

Please open the hearts of those that I have offended, taken advantage of, manipulated and otherwise caused harm to and allow them to forgive me. Help me to operate in the fruit of the spirit moving forward. Cleanse my soul. Open my heart. And please renew my mind. Rid me of my wicked, evil ways.

Dear God, please allow me to show favor and mercy to those who don’t share my status of having white privilege. Give me clear vision in this regard. Help me to pour out love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, grace and mercy. Help me to walk in faith and to operate in your word. Help me embrace fairness, justice, grace, and mercy. Allow me to give to and genuinely support the causes of those I’ve oppressed. Rid me of my “Saul” like mentality and ways and transform me into “Paul.”

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Lord I don’t want to be known as “Karen” no more. Order my steps and direct my paths. Keep me on the path of doing better and pleasing you.

Help me to find and get involved with a Bible based church. Give me wisdom and discernment along with the will to follow Christ and to emulate His ways. Help me to submit to your ways all of my days. Teach me, Guide me and help me to support and work on behalf of the oppressed and less fortunate. Give me the strength and courage to be a true ally and to use my privilege for good.

In Jesus name I Pray, Amen.”

Que “Change Me” by Tamela Mann, “Create n Me A Clean Heart” by Donnie McClurkin

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