Prayer For Discernment In Dealing With A Corporate Catfisher – To Gain Clarity, Wisdom and Discernment Once One Has Begun To Fall For The Okie Doke

“Dear God

I’m confused and need clarity. I don’t know and am unable to discern if I am dealing with a corporate Catfisher. I want to know if I am being corporate catfished or not.

Help me Lord. Please reveal to me if the person I’ve communicated with is the person I believe that I communicated with or if the one that I have communicated with is impersonating the person I thought I was communicating with.

I trust you. I believe you will show me the truth. I believe you will help me from connecting to and communicating with a counterfeit.

If the person I’ve been in contact with isn’t who they claim to be, please make it 100% clear. Please allow me to gain clarity, wisdom and discernment in this regard.

If fake, please remove them from my life and allow him/ her to get the mental help that he/ she needs. Please break any soul ties or emotional connections that may have been formed.

Please protect and restore the reputation of the person that is being impersonated. Allow me to report all fake accounts, phone numbers, email accounts, that I’ve used to contact this counterfeit.

Help me to forgive this impersonator, and help the one who is being impersonated forgive us both. Please bless me with godly connections to fulfill my relational or interpersonal needs.

Please keep me in faith. Keep me focused on you. Teach me your word. Guide my way. Help me from falling prey and being fooled in the future. In Jesus name I pray. Amen”

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