Persecuted at work – Troubles on the Job

What do you think when you hear the word “persecution?” I think of unjust suffering. I think of being lied on, talk about and punished for things you didn’t do. I think of the words  “pain, loss, tears, fears, worry, sadness, greed, evil, demons, satonic, hate, jealousy, personal protection, deception, satans seeds, spiritual warfare, envy and trouble.”

My first thoughts of persecution of course are in relation to God being persecuted and dying for our sins so that we may have eternal life. There has been and will never be any greater persecution here on earth. But followers of Christ have been and will be persecuted. I want to spend a little time discussing persecutions I’ve witnessed and experienced throughout my work life.

Years ago I work for a large US based firm. There were three of us on the team. We partnered with others throughout the organization. My colleague and boss had it out for this one guy. He was of African descent. As far a I could tell he was a good worker and corporate citizen. Whenever I would ask about their qualms with this guy they could never articulate concrete examples. When i suggested they go have a sit down with the guy I got death stares. So they had major problems with him, talk negatively of him day in and day out but never addressed it with him. Instead they went several levels above this guys head to the exec VP and filed grievances. During our next cross functional meeting the Exec VP talked down to this guy, gave him evil stares and was being beyond rude and mean to him. Without any due diligence this guy made it to the Exec VP shot list. My boss and colleague had prosecuted this guy and the trifling exec VP tagged on to the non sense.

From the day I joined a group at a different company the three members of the existing team trash talked my predecessor. As far a I was told this Asian lady had been with the company several years prior to my boss taking over the group who had been there about a year when I joined. Based on the stories my boss and the lady simply didn’t get along. He work endlessly to get her fired for reasons having nothing to do with her work. He bragged about getting her fired. He took pride in the fact that it had been several months since he had gotten her fired and that she hadn’t found another job. He enjoyed destroying her reputation, seeing her suffer and persecuting her every chance he got.

Then there was a time at yet a different company. I worked for the most evil manipulative person on earth. Satan clearly created her in his image. She blamed everyone else for the problems in the group and for whatever reason the executive team just ate this evil witch up. They loved her incompetent ass. Her only competence I saw was manipulating others to blame everybody but herself. So there was this one Middle Eastern guy in particular. Whenever any issue and I mean any issue came up she blamed him. She would blame him for projects he didn’t even work on. She would insists that others in the group call him out for mistakes too. Just evil. As such senior execs would cringe at the sound of this guys name when he wasnt guilty for even a fifth of the things he was accused of. They plotted to force him out of the organization. He was persecuted.

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Now besides witnessing others be persecuted I’ve experience persecution myself. I’ve been lied on, talked about, mistreated and have experienced the wrath of senior executives for things I have never said or done.

Now I only place a piece of the blame of those starting rumors and telling lies and getting in the heads of these senior execs. How can one reach the level of an executive within an organization without having a mind of their own. If its that easy for them to believe lies about you, they innately had prejudices against you to begin with.

I’ve seen execs quickly jump to the conclusion that the Black person must be at fault when two employees are arguing. I’ve seen execs jump to the conclusion that the Hispanic person must be the thief when something comes up missing. I’ve seen execs jump to the conclusion that the Indian person was the team member being lazy when a deadline was missed. I’ve seen execs questions the Black persons competence, intelligence and credentials when he or she asked a question or needed further clarification of an assignment  when all they requested was clarification not a hooked on phonics subscription. I’ve seen the people of color be accused of sleeping when simply looking down in a meeting or accused of not working when listening to music when they same two actions performed by a white person endures no scrutiny at all.

Part of a persons willingness to persecute you is their innate racist, prejudice minds or jealous ways and you can’t let it bring you down. Stay in peace. Through it all you can depend on Jesus. In this life and unfortunately in the workplace as well you will suffer. You may experience things that are unfair, unjust and just plain hateful. But know that God has got your back. If he takes care of the grass and the birds he will surely take care of you.

Let them haters hate. Let them liars lie. Let them gossipers gossip. Let them do what they do. God is protecting you and making you stronger. He is using the persecution to help build you for your destiny.

I asked God why do I have yo endure all this drama and non sense? He told me I am building your strength and your emotional muscles. You are destined for greatness and liars, gossips, sh*t starters are a dime a dozen when you are great and you have to learn to be completely unbothered. So as God told me I’m telling you ignore it. Take the persecution in stride. Endure the suffering. God has a plan for your life and your tomorrow is greater than today. You are strong and you are blessed. Remember that. – #FGCC

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