Only One Way Anyway

Work unto the Lord, act according to His ways, live with Him in mind in every way

As a doer, even when she didn’t want to do things, yet she did them anyway

As a forgiver, when people were often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered, yet she forgave them anyway

As a kind soul, when she was kind people often accused her of being selfish or having ulterior motives, yet she was kind anyway

As a success, when she was successful she did win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies yet she succeeded anyway

As a truth teller, when she was honest and sincere people often deceived and falsely accussed her yet she tried her best to be honest and sincere anyway

As a creator, what she spent years creating others tried to destroy, yet she created anyway

As an intrinsically happy person, she found serenity and happiness in every place and in everything and some were jealous and envious yet she remained happy anyway

As a staple of peace, she stood in peace and some tried to take that away yet she remained in peace anyway

As a good person, she knew the good she did could be forgotten, overlooked, disrespected and unappreciated yet she did good anyway

As a giver, even when she gave the best she had it sometimes was not enough yet she gave her best anyway

She knew there was only one way anyway,

She worked unto the father while criticized by the world but stayed focused anyway

She didn’t look for outside approval because her purpose was from God not those in the world anyway

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She loved all, no matter how underserving, how hateful, how unworthy anyway

She knew there was only one way anyway, in everyway stay in peace, remain in prayer, and act in love

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