Over the years, we here at FGCC have provided you all many lists of possible New Years Resolutions. Please feel free to reference past posts for dozens of traditional New Year Resolution examples surrounding our career goals.

As we enter this new year, we want to do something different. Normally we give you a list and say go for it. Gone head and go for what you know.

But this time we want to help you better succeed at accomplishing your New Years Resolution Goals. So we want to build a New Years Resolution Annual Plan and break down our annual plan goals into monthly digestible pieces.

Whenever you have a big goal, break it up. Our overall goal of being the best we can be and living life to the fullest needs to be broken up my loves.

For 2021 our list will have a focus for each quarter.

For example the focus of Q1 will be our spiritual and physical health, the focus of Q2 will be our mental health, the focus of Q3 will be our financial health, and the focus of Q4 will be the health of our relationships.

We believe, if we have our spirit sound and in line with where God wants us to be, our body tight, our mind right, our money on point, then the relationships will naturally flow.

So for example my loves, in MS Word or another word processing program you can have something like the following outlined New Years Resolution Plan.


New Years Resolution Plan

QI. Spiritual and Physical Health

January Goals: Find a good Bible Based Church. I will ask God to guide me to the church he wants me to call home. I will visit a few churches until I discern where he wants me to be.
February Goals: Join a fitness club, join a runners club, join a walkers club, or establish a work out routine that can be done from home
March Goals: Read a chapter of the book of Proverbs each day. There are 31 chapters so a chapter a day of Proverbs will give me insight from God on how to do this thing called life

QII. Mental Health

April Goals: Find a counselor who can help me overcome the trauma experienced from having my privacy repeatedly violated and from being stalked, gang stalked, harassed and followed
May Goals: Complete the "Who Am I exercise" outlined on FGCC which can be easily accessed through the main menu
June Goals: Explore why I don't trust nobody and why I don't want to be around nobody and try to work through those mental blocks

QIII. Financial Health

July Goals: Commit to tithing 10% of my income
August Goals: Establish an IRA in addition to my company sponsored 401K
September Goals: Find a charity that I can donate to and ask my company to match the amount that I donate



QIV. Relationship Health

October Goals: Pray to God for godly friendships and seek out people who fit the bill
November Goals: Commit to having a day date with each of my children each month
December Goals: Forgive anyone that I believe has done me wrong and ask them to forgive me for anything that I may have done. All anger, unforgiveness and resentment will be released and not carried into the New Year.

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So referencing the above as a template for each month, come up with your own goals. You can take some of those listed in the example if they apply. No worries there.

Once you have come up with your New Years Resolution Plan, please print it out. Once you have a print out or a couple copies of your print out, post them in your home where you will see them each day.

Having the visual reminder will help hold you accountable to yourself. If you have a trusted friend or someone you've met and gotten to know and trust through the FGCC community then link up and be accountability partners for achieving your New Years Resolution Plan. Every so often check in with you accountability partner and see how things are measuring up.

At the end of each month do a self evaluation for how you did in terms of accomplishing your goal(s) for that month. If you were able to accomplish the goal that you set for yourself, reward yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day or a nice meal or something.

If you missed your goal, examine why. Ask yourself what happened and what you could've done better. My loves, its all about making progress and taking baby steps. Just commit to getting better and better day by day.

If you want to share any of your goals with the FGCC community, then feel free to post them in the comments below. Perhaps you have something innovative that would benefit others. Ya never know.

Anyway my loves, please complete your New Years Resolution Plan today or during the first week of the New Year.

Remember God loves you and wants the best for you. He helps us but also expects us to uphold our free will and put in the work.

Be blessed and have a good new year. I see your future and its amazing. Full of joy, peace, love and prosperity.

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