I recently came across a video on YouTube of renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump interviewing Nene Leakes in regards to her call to the masses to Boycott Bravo. There were a lot of topics discussed during the hour long video. Normally I would break down a list of lessons learned from their discussion. However, my loves, I want to challenge you to watch the video and to comment below what lessons can be learned from their discussion as it applies to working in Corporate America in general and on the Corporate side of the Entertainment industry in particular. To aide you as you watch the video, outlined below are a list of topics that they discussed throughout the video (not listed in any particular order).

Mr. Crump and Mrs. Leakes touched on

Corporate Issues Surrounding NeNe Leakes Call For A Boycott of BravoTV
- White Privilege in the workplace
- Income disparity in the workplace
- Being lied on in the workplace
- Being ostracized in the workplace
- Racial disparities (in terms of treatment) in the workplace
- Tomfoolery in the workplace
- Dismissed and ignored complaints brought to employers attention in the workplace
- Suicide stemming from workplace issues
- Power struggles in the workplace
- Intellectual Property Rights
- Retaliation and Unjust Punishment in the workplace
- Racial Discrimination in the workplace
- Pigeonholing People in the workplace
- Opening Closed Doors and Breaking Glass Ceilings in the workplace to benefit all that come after you
- Creating Opportunities for Others in the workplace
- Fighting United Fights in the Workplace
- Having A Seat at the Table in the workplace
- Being Plotted Against in the workplace
- Sexual Harassments in the workplace
- Going To Jail
- Being Scared to Speak Up in the workplace
- Being Scared to File Complaints in the workplace
- Profiling
- Equal Opportunities in the workplace
- Police Brutality
- Taking on the machine
- Blackballing
- Having Courage to stand up for oneself in the workplace
- Blazing Trails
- Workplace Violence
- Pay Transparency
- Knowing Ones Worth or Value
- Seniority
- Being Silenced
- Contract Negligence (not reading or understanding contracts before signing)
- Being Stigmatized
- Racial Sensitivity Training
- Petitioning for Change
- Understand Corporate Cultural Nuances
- Being Caste Out for Speaking Up

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So please watch the video. As you watch peel back the layers of what they are saying? Have you seen similar circumstances where you worked? Have you been in similar predicaments? What lessons did you learn? What lessons do you believe they are conveying? Realize my loves there is always something to learn or to be gained from everyone.

So comment below the lessons that you learned and that others should note that are inherent in their discussion.

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