My Man Sent Me 5 Dozen Roses To My Job and My Female Coworkers Destroyed The Bouquet
-Valentine’s Day Horror Story

Let’s have harmony. How about love, peace and soul. How great would it be to have a harmonious work life? Can a group of women at work sincerely get along? Is a cogenial work environment possible? Shouldn’t life at the office be

full of love, peace and soul? Or is that only if you worked at Soul Train?

So here’s what happened. I worked in a female dominated office. The women were fairly catty but our jobs didn’t overlap much so for the most part I didn’t pay them any mind. One day, to our surprise we see a florist come in with this humongeous bouquet of red roses. The bouquet looked perfect for Valentine’s Day. No one at the office ever received roses or flowers delivered in general so everyone wondered for whom could they be. To my surprise, they were for me. 

Now having my man send me 5 dozen roses to my job was sweet and all but he knew I liked to be low key and keep my business out of the streets. Regardless of that fact, I figured I’d deal with him later and graciously accepted and admired the massive crystal glass bouquet of 5 dozen roses. 5 dozen roses y’all. Throughout the afternoon, I received hateful stares and passive aggressive statements from the women I worked with. It was obvious they were jealous. “So what, whatever” I thought. I figured they’d get over it but boy was I wrong.

The boquet was so large there was no way that I could carry it home on the train that day. I figured I’d drive to work the following day and take them then. When I returned the next morning, my 5 dozen roses boquet had about 5 stems left in it and some cloudy water. As I walked around the office trying to figure out what had happened, I see these jealous females (call them what you want) had taken flowers from my boquet that was on my desk and made mini boquets for themselves using styrofoam cups as vases. 

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